6 Reasons Why Admissions Offices Are Falling in Love with Print (Again)

RJ Nichol
Feb 21, 2020

Contrary to what you may have heard in the early days of the digital revolution, print is not dead. In fact, the widespread implementation of digitally powered omni-channel communications strategies by college admissions offices has made print marketing collateral more relevant than ever.

Customized print pieces raise the visibility and effectiveness of your overall recruiting campaign by literally putting the right information in the right hands at exactly the right moment. Students and parents don’t want generic messages delivered at random. They want timely, highly personalized messages about how your institution meets their unique needs right now. Print delivers on all fronts.

Stepping up your game

“Parents want that physical piece,” says Kristen Bowers, associate dean of admissions at Cazenovia College. “It’s critically important to be able to direct something to them so they feel that they’re included, that they’re receiving the information they need and that they’re players in this experience. Complementing your digital strategy with a physical print piece really steps up your game in terms of being able to reach parents.”

Bowers shared those thoughts and more during a recent roundtable conversation sponsored by Liaison that’s now available as an on-demand webinar called “Fall in Love with Print.” She was joined by David Cotter, assistant provost of graduate admissions at Boston University, and Suzanne Sharp, Ed.D., Liaison’s executive director of enrollment consulting services.

“Print actually increases your response rates, particularly when it’s sent at strategic point during your communication plan,” says Cotter. “Whether it’s for recruitment, yield, melt, or search, direct mail improves multi-channel campaign performance.”

A better message

During the webinar, panelists identify and discuss the six reasons why print is essential to your outreach efforts:

  • It doesn’t get blocked by a SPAM filter or lost in an inbox.
  • It stands out and enhances other channels.
  • It reaches the entire family — including parents and siblings.
  • It increases response rates.
  • It can be personalized.
  • It’s economical.

Gone are the days of buying and warehousing hundreds of generic postcards and booklets that may become obsolete before you know it. Today, print-on-demand provides a far more effective option at a fraction of the cost.

As Bowers says: “The more you can personalize your message and respond in a very prompt manner, the higher the higher level of engagement you’re going to have from each student.”

To hear the rest of the conversation and view the data presented during the webinar, watch the on-demand webinar “Fall in Love with Print.”

RJ Nichol

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