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with Liaison Centralized Application Service (CAS™)

CAS is a cloud-based recruiting and admissions solution for higher education institutions/programs and associations looking to grow and shape enrollment, while reducing overall effort and costs.

Liaison Centralized Application Service:

Helps institutions
  • Manage new ways to recruit, admit and enroll best-fit students while saving money and headcount each admissions cycle.
  • Unify their admissions processes across all schools and programs for a better applicant experience.
  • Conduct trend analyses for benchmarking and forecasting purposes—no more hunting and aggregating numbers.
Helps programs
  • Improve the applicant’s experience and drive application volume through exposure to a broader national (and international) applicant pool.
  • Streamline your application, review and acceptance process while supporting program-specific requirements, workflows and processes.
  • Reclaim headcount by taking advantage of optional shared services for scanning of documents and applicant technical support.
Helps applicants
  • Apply to multiple programs through a single, centralized application form and one set of supporting documentation, applicable by program selection.
  • Feel more connected to programs of interest through responsive application support, proactive communications and real-time application status updates.
Helps associations
  • Grow your discipline.
  • Gain access to critical data, providing timely insight into critical trends in your field.
  • Reach potential new members more easily by offering added benefits to participation in your association.

Over 7,000 programs rely on CAS to meet their admission and enrollment goals.
Which CAS is right for you?

Download the overview and learn how CAS optimizes the admissions process, from professional associations to admissions offices.
Download the overview and learn about UniCAS, the only solution that provides a unified view of enrollment efforts across your institution.
Download the overview and learn how GradCAS can help you focus less on process and more on building better graduate classes.
Featured CAS: BusinessCAS
Download the overview and learn how BusinessCAS extends institutional reach and improves efficiencies for graduate business and management programs.
Featured CAS: EngineeringCAS
Download the overview and learn how EngineeringCAS helps you better recruit, enroll and admit students while saving time and money each admissions cycle.