508 Compliance

Liaison International 508 Compliance Audits and Management

Definition of 508 Compliance:

By following compliance standards set by “Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973”, software products and websites assure accessibility to users with disabilities. When websites are 508 Compliant, they are accessible to all users. This means compatibility with assistive technologies, such as screen readers.

Audit and Compatibility Measures:

Liaison International has taken proactive measures in assuring 508 Compliance on all their Centralized Application Service (CAS) products and associated portals. As technology and platforms are constantly changing and improving, Liaison International has adopted measures to ensure that 508 Compliance is intact and not affected. In order to meet the highest standards in delivery, Liaison International has partnered with third party auditing firms with expertise in 508-analysis who are continuously monitoring and auditing our compliance status. As areas of deficiencies are identified, our technical team will address and modify these to ensure best practices with minimum interruption.

Section 508 VPATs