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Gaining Approval for Strategic Enrollment Investments

January 18, 2023

Part of the Total Strategic Enrollment Management Webinar Series

You have identified several investments necessary for strategic enrollment success that are beyond the budget resources allocated to your department. How do you identify, prioritize, and gain approval from the senior leadership for the investment? How do you set the conditions and manage expectations to ensure you can implement the new investment and gain a measurable return as quickly as

Join four successful strategic enrollment management leaders as they discussed:

  • The strategies that are most successful in identifying, prioritizing, and delivering impactful returns on investments
  • How they engage and collaborate with campus colleagues to gain support for additional resources
  • How they present and gain approval on additional funding from senior leadership during the institutional budget cycle
  • How they ensure a quick and successful implementation to promote meaningful tactical and strategic return

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Jennifer Carron
Vice President & Co-Founder,
EM-Powerhouse Higher Ed

Sean Kaylor
Vice President for Enrollment Management, Marist College

Melissa Stone
Vice Provost for Enrollment Management, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Chris Lucier
Director of Partner Relations, Othot
Liaison International