Schreiner University Extends Limited Recruiting Resources with NursingCAS™

RJ Nichol
Aug 14, 2018

Schreiner University’s challenge: Building a class with no time to lose

When Schreiner University established a new School of Nursing to address a shortage of BSN-prepared nurses in the Texas Hill Country, creating new curriculum, hiring faculty and recruiting students left administrators with little time to publicize the new nursing program. In the program’s first year, filling seats and managing applications manually was proving difficult and time-consuming. Administrators knew it would be critical to identify a solution that could help manage the admissions process and promote the program to prospective students.

Liaison’s solution: Efficient, affordable recruiting and application review

“The implementation of NursingCAS™ positioned our school on the national map to be noticed by prospective applicants,” said Dr. Ruth Grubesic, assistant professor of nursing and public health. In addition to increased exposure, NursingCAS also removed some of the administrative burden from admissions staff including processing applications, verifying transcripts and providing a software tool that nursing programs can use to evaluate applications. Together, these tools and services freed staff to focus on more critical activities such as student outreach and relationship building.

Schreiner’s outcome: Filled seats and an increase in BSN-trained nurses at regional hospitals

NursingCAS served as an important marketing resource for the School of Nursing. Admissions staff were able to notify prospective students already enrolled in NursingCAS about the school’s opening. Because NursingCAS alerts prospective students to programs with open seats, Schreiner was able to publicize its program even further.

Once students began graduating, local hospitals started clamoring for Schreiner students, prompting the School of Nursing to launch an accelerated online “R.N. to B.S.N.” program. NursingCAS has helped Schreiner University’s School of Nursing develop a better pool of applicants and graduate B.S.N.-prepared nurses to support local needs. “We’re being more selective about who we accept, and we are able to look at qualities beyond the grade point average,” said Grubesic.

Schreiner’s Results

Adopting Liaison’s NursingCAS allowed Schreiner to:

  • Easily promote its new program to prospective nursing students.
  • Quickly and accurately calculate GPAs and verify transcripts.
  • Streamline the application review process and maintain high standards.
RJ Nichol

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