Learn with Liaison Academy at this Year’s Liaison User Conference

RJ Nichol
Apr 18, 2019


The 2019 Liaison User Conference is quickly approaching, taking place on June 27-28 in Boston, MA. At the Conference, Liaison Academy is excited to present seven WebAdMIT and two Time2Track training sessions where attendees can earn continuing education units. Here’s what to expect: 

Living the applicant experience – NEW!

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an applicant to your program? This session will let you live the applicant experience and look at the application from their perspective. You’ll walk through each section of the application and the corresponding questions. Along the way, our presenters will point out common applicant questions and show you where support resources exist for you and your applicants.  

Managing your applicant pool using WebAdMIT™’s core features

WebAdMIT™ can be a powerful tool in your application review process — especially when you harness its core functionality. This session presents common admissions challenges and explainhow WebAdMIT’s primary features can help you address and overcome them.  

Application processing: Behind the scenes services

While the Applicant Portal is the primary platform used by applicants in the admissions process, Liaison provides a number of additional services to help ensure the correct applicant data is viewable by you in WebAdMIT. In this session, you’ll receive an overview of those services, including the re-application workflow, transcript collection, verification, Professional Transcript Entry (PTE), customer service and other services and tasks we perform to support your admissions process. 

Set up your reviews & interviewers for WebAdMIT success – NEW!

Faculty reviewers and interviewers play a critical role in identifying best-fit candidates. In this session, you’ll learn about the steps you should take to prepare your reviewers and interviewers for reviewing and completing assignments in WebAdMIT. You’ll learn about important resources that are available to help you help your reviewers and interviewers become productive WebAdMIT users. 


Using WebAdMIT to correspond with applicants

Communicating with applicants is a key component in the recruitment process. WebAdMIT’s email functionality allows you to continue your recruitment efforts throughout the application cycle. This session will show you how you can use List Manager, Local Statuses and Email Templates to correspond with applicants and create an efficient communication workflow.  

Wrapping up your cycle – NEW!

What does it take to close out an admissions cycle in WebAdMIT? After years of experience, Liaison has identified six core features that can help you streamline your process. This session will review that functionality to help you optimize this important process.  

Best practices for configuring your programs

When configuring your programs in WebAdMIT, you want to ensure applicants have clear, concise and relevant information that helps them successfully complete your application process. This session focuses on both common pitfalls and best practices so you can configure a program that not only meets your needs, but also your applicants’ needs.  

Time2Track™ basic training

How can you leverage Time2Track™ more efficiently? Learn about the basics of Time2Track and how students, interns and professionals track and manage their experiences within the user-friendly platform. This session will also cover basic institutional usage of Time2Track and how to track trainee progress.  

Time2Track advanced training

After you learn the basics, you can focus on best practices and advanced features. This session centers on Time2Track’s premium features, including Online Verification, Online Forms & Evaluations and Time2Track Analytics. This session will take a deep dive into managing the verification of trainees’ experiences, competency evaluations and other forms, and understanding the quality of your program’s training using comprehensive aggregate reports inside Time2Track’s online platform.  

Attend these sessions at the 2019 Liaison User Conference! Early bird registration ends on April 23, so register today.

RJ Nichol

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