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Navigating Change in Postbac Enrollment: Turning Today’s Challenges into Transformative Outcomes

Will the rising interest in medical disciplines carry postbac programs through these uncertain times, or will pipeline worries at the undergraduate level hurt enrollment? Questions like these were on everyone’s mind before the pandemic hit, and are now existential matters as programs attempt to navigate looming public health and economic crises. One thing is certain: in both the short- and long-term future, the ability to inform decisions with reliable and accurate data has never been more important. 

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The HigherYield® Solution in Action: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Learn more about how Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health is shifting strategies to generate leads for their graduate programs. We’ll take a deep dive into how the HigherYield Solution helped them strategically increase their lead pool. 


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Back to B-School: What it Will Take to Thrive This Fall and Beyond

While none of us is certain what will happen in the coming months, we can’t sit and wait for the fall to come. In this session, GME enrollment leaders will share the insights and practices that are helping them get back to work and prepare for a successful 2020-2021 cycle. From returning the office safely, to adapting admissions practices to meet evolving public health guidelines, Texas A&M University’s Shannon Deer, Ph.D., and Kansas University’s Dee Steinle will discuss how they plan to maintain business continuity this fall.


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Reimagining Grad Student Recruitment: Lead Gen for 2021

There remains a lot of uncertainty for how student recruitment will unfold this fall, yet one thing is certain: schools need to look ahead to 2021 and deploy new ways to reach and engage prospective students. 


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Thriving Together With EngineeringCAS™: A Powerful Resource for Uncertain Times

Liaison’s Centralized Application Service (CAS™) is an intuitive, flexible application with up-to-date visual insights into application and enrollment trends that actively targets your best-fit students. Through discipline-specific microsites that efficiently and effectively broadcast your program, applicants can quickly find and apply to multiple best-fit graduate schools through a single platform.
With application processing and support services, CAS streamlines admissions, encourages application completion and provides institution–student connection throughout the entire process.

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Mission: Possible! Reimagining Your Fall Recruitment Strategy

There remains a lot of uncertainty for how student recruitment will unfold this fall. How will high schools reopen? What will college fairs look like? How will colleges obtain names of potential students with testing in question? Will college campuses be vibrant communities to showcase? One thing is certain: we need to look ahead to 2021 and deploy new ways to reach and engage prospective students. Join us for an exclusive interview with George Wolf, Vice President for Enrollment Management at Siena Heights. You’ll hear his thoughts on looking ahead to 2021, and how the traditional travel season needs to be replaced with new strategies.


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Graduate Enrollment Without Borders: Overcoming International Challenges to Attract the World’s Best Students

Attendees will learn about: 

  • The latest data on the composition of graduate student bodies, and how this may challenge previous assumptions about who is seeking American advanced degrees in popular fields like engineering and business.
  • Current national and global factors impacting graduate programs in the U.S.
  • Examples of institutions that leveraged innovative technology or practices to overcome these challenges
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Are Applicant Portfolios Here to Stay?

Today’s admissions processes don’t look like those from years past — or even those from earlier this year. Applicant portfolios are becoming an integral part of decision making in the context of virtual offices and changing test requirements. What will the post-pandemic use of applicant portfolios look like? Which way forward will best serve applicants and reviewers alike? During this session, panelists will explore these questions; discussing their current approach and ongoing plans to evaluate applicants with portfolio assessments. This webinar was presented as part of the Common App Virtual Summit on 6/4/20.

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The HigherYield® Solution in Action: The University of Texas at Austin

In order to recruit best-fit students and achieve crucial class-building goals, you need to be able to deliver targeted, timely and highly personalized communications to prospective students. 

During this on-demand webinarparticipants describe in detail how The University of Texas at Austin Graduate School used HigherYield®, the comprehensive student recruitment and enrollment management tool created by Liaison and the Educational Testing Service (ETS), to: 

  • Plan and execute more effective outreach strategies using GRE and TOEFL name lists. 
  • Create recruitment campaigns to reach a diverse and targeted pool of applicants. 
  • Combine search criteria to identify and attract specific types of students, such as those categorized by their region of study and academic performance. 
  • Send students meaningful communications that are automated, targeted, trackable and can be delivered via multiple channels. 
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Separating Fact from Fiction in Post-Pandemic GME Admissions

During this panel discussion, enrollment leaders facilitate a “true-or-false” quiz covering several topics graduate management education (GME) programs must navigate as we look toward a post-pandemic world. From new recruitment strategies, to pricing models, to admissions technology, panelists challenge conventional wisdom to predict necessary changes business schools will grapple with in order to thrive in the aftermath of COVID-19. Listen in for insights into what the GME landscape will look like in fall 2020 and beyond.

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Student Recruitment in Times of Crisis: Creative Ways Forward

The renowned philosopher Plato, credited with founding the first university, profoundly said, “necessity is the mother of invention.” As we navigate through the current crisis and work to build a “new normal,” current realities leave us needing to explore creative ways to continue our collective mission of providing meaningful opportunities for education and learning. Join experts in the field of graduate education and recruitment as they candidly discuss how they are dealing with the current situation and the various ways they’ve found to overcome ever-growing hurdles.
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Data-Driven Decisions in a Time of Crisis: Postbac in Fall 2020 and Beyond

Postbaccalaureate programs are tasked with planning around uncertainty in the fall while also adapting admissions processes to accommodate new public health guidelines. Questions these programs are facing include: How is your institution managing your current and admitted students? What will your institution do to identify and recruit a new cohort of students? How will the worsening economy impact yield? How does your program benchmark against a national data set?

During this session, program directors from Temple University and Scripps College will discuss their answers to these questions and explore how program managers can position their institutions and students to successfully navigate the challenges ahead. They’ll also reveal findings from the first ever, comprehensive annual report about postbac applicants.


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COVID-19: A Midwestern Perspective

Join members of the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools Executive Committee to discuss ongoing and future challenges for graduate programs as they deal with COVID-19. Topics will include planning for fall delivery with specific emphasis on ramifications for graduate education, strategies for engaging with graduate students in the virtual world, policy changes for admissions and academic performance, preparation and support for teaching assistants who must now offer remote instruction and adapting methods used for recruitment and yield.


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The 3 Cs of Post-Pandemic Engineering Admissions

Engineering programs face unprecedented challenges in 2020 as public health, immigration and economic factors converge in a perfect storm for higher education. Where will your next class come from, and how will you reach prospective students?

During this session, our presenters will share the 3 Cs of post-pandemic engineering admissions (Continuity, Communication, Community) to help your program weather the current storm — and thrive in the years to come.

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The Virtual Admissions Office

The coronavirus pandemic exposed how much admissions officers depend on in-person events to recruit prospective applicants and face-to-face committee meetings to select students. This spring has forced admissions officials to think differently about the way they work with their colleagues and how they interact with applicants from online meetings and document sharing and virtual open houses. Learn from experts in this webinar about how the fast pivot to remote work could lead to long-lasting changes in the admissions office.

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The New May 1: Yield and Retention in 2020

Seeing yield clearly in 2020 became difficult when NACAC changed their code of ethics, and now the coronavirus has left the vision for fall enrollment more blurred than ever. Join us to hear from two seasoned enrollment professionals will share how they are re-creating the vision chart with no precedent, being innovative to impact both yield and retention to secure a solid class for fall.

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Enrollment in the Time of Coronavirus: Managing Global Crises on Your Campus

During this session, our presenters discuss the Coronavirus pandemic with an eye toward learning how we can not only weather the current storm, but better prepare for the next global disruption.

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Coronavirus and Beyond: Managing Global Crises on Your Campus

The session, which features insights from panelists Erin O’Brien, Ph.D. (University at Buffalo) and Monica Powell, Ph.D. (University of Texas, Dallas), will cover:

  • How the crisis could affect students’ ability to enroll in U.S. schools in time for the Fall 2020 semester.
  • How the repercussions could be felt throughout the U.S. higher education landscape.
  • How business school leaders are reacting to these developments as they continue to pursue their most important class-building goals.
  • How the GME community can develop new strategies for confronting an uncertain enrollment future by uniting in a quest to implement the best possible recruiting and class-building strategies.
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The Future of Admissions

College admissions is bound by tradition — the recruitment cycle, the calendar of deadlines, even how institutions evaluate candidates. But the admissions and enrollment landscape is likely to change in the coming decade with shifting demographics, advancing technology and evolving institutional priorities. Learn from experts in this webinar about what’s on the horizon for admissions.

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Fall in Love with Print

According to a recent Demand Metrics survey, 80% of people indicated direct mail improved their campaign performance. Learn how your peers are making a difference by incorporating print/direct mail in their student recruitment outreach.

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Inside the 2019 Business School Inquiry Response Study

We visited web sites for 471 schools to evaluate how easy it was to request information then submitted forms and tracked communication for four weeks.

During this webinar, Monica Powell, senior associate dean and graduate dean of the University of Texas at Dallas Jindal School of Management, will join Robert Ruiz and Suzanne Sharp from Liaison to discuss the results of the study survey, including:

– How fast schools respond to a student inquiry (some didn’t respond at all!)
– What channels are used to engage student inquiries – and where several schools are missing an opportunity to stand out.
– What over 300 business schools are doing well as they communicate with students

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Yielding in 2020 and Beyond within the NACAC Changes

Our panelists went on camera to share their responses to the recent changes to the NACAC code of ethics and discussed yield strategies for bringing in their next class. Additionally, live polls were launched asking the audience questions such as:

    • What are your primary concerns for the implications of the code of ethics changes?
    • Do you believe these changes will create increased competition for students later in the cycle?
    • What new strategies will you now initiate for yielding students?

Watch now to hear our panelists and learn how attendees responded!

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Part-Time MBA and Online MBA Trends: What’s Changing, Who’s Being Innovative and What’s Happening in the Future?

During Part-Time MBA and Online MBA Trends: What’s Changing, Who’s Being Innovative and What’s Happening in the Future?, three business school leaders will share their own perspectives on the matter.

You’ll learn:

  • How data drives decisions in different markets and geographic locations.
  • What innovations drive enrollment in response to current trends.
  • Which statistics matter in the overall MBA market.
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Postbac Today and Tomorrow: How Two Programs are Doing More with Less

Are your postbac programs prepared to navigate an increasingly competitive landscape? And are you looking for innovative ways to improve overall program administration?

During this webinar, two postbac program leaders will discuss how they’ve transformed operations at their institutions. They’ll share how they’ve embraced new strategies to fill seats with best-fit students, offering insight into:

  • Preparing program administrators and faculty for the challenges they expect to encounter in the next decade.
  • Adopting new technology that enables these professionals to do more with less.
  • Refining application processing to manage their budgets more effectively.
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Build a Better Class on a Budget

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5 Keys to a Successful Search

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Transparency in Graduate Admissions

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The Future of Yielding Accepted Students