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Yielding in 2020 and Beyond within the NACAC Changes

Grab some coffee and settle in to watch this dynamic webinar that was done live on December 5. Our panelists went on camera to share their responses to the recent changes to the NACAC code of ethics and discussed yield strategies for bringing in their next class. Additionally, live polls were launched asking the audience questions such as:

    • What are your primary concerns for the implications of the code of ethics changes?
    • Do you believe these changes will create increased competition for students later in the cycle?
    • What new strategies will you now initiate for yielding students?

Watch now to hear our panelists and learn how attendees responded!

On-Demand Webinars

Part-Time MBA and Online MBA Trends: What’s Changing, Who’s Being Innovative and What’s Happening in the Future?

During Part-Time MBA and Online MBA Trends: What’s Changing, Who’s Being Innovative and What’s Happening in the Future?, three business school leaders will share their own perspectives on the matter.

You’ll learn:

  • How data drives decisions in different markets and geographic locations.
  • What innovations drive enrollment in response to current trends.
  • Which statistics matter in the overall MBA market.
On-Demand Webinars

Postbac Today and Tomorrow: How Two Programs are Doing More with Less

Are your postbac programs prepared to navigate an increasingly competitive landscape? And are you looking for innovative ways to improve overall program administration?

During this webinar, two postbac program leaders will discuss how they’ve transformed operations at their institutions. They’ll share how they’ve embraced new strategies to fill seats with best-fit students, offering insight into:

  • Preparing program administrators and faculty for the challenges they expect to encounter in the next decade.
  • Adopting new technology that enables these professionals to do more with less.
  • Refining application processing to manage their budgets more effectively.
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Build a Better Class on a Budget

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5 Keys to a Successful Search

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Transparency in Graduate Admissions

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The Future of Student Search