Increase Yield with Innovative Direct Mail Campaigns

RJ Nichol
Jul 31, 2018

It is true that today’s undergraduates are digital natives, surrounded by technology since birth. However, the notion that digital communication eliminates the need for other channels — especially direct mail — has been proven false. Our clients repeatedly draw on the power of direct mail in their recruitment marketing campaigns with great results. For example, one school consistently saw an over 240% increase in personalized URL (PURL) click-throughs after their postcard mailings.

Whether you’re developing a campaign to drive registrations for an open house, to spur applications or to bring in deposits, direct mail can deliver a powerful lift. A study by Accudata found that 56% of consumers trust print marketing more than digital, so including direct mail can add credibility to your message. Here are a few examples of how undergraduate institutions are incorporating print pieces into their communications with students.

Central Methodist University

The journey often starts with driving students to apply — Central Methodist University uses a mailer with messages from students and alumni to describe the CMU experience to prospective students. The offer of a free iPad Pro for all students at the Fayetteville campus attracts attention as well, offering an added incentive for students to apply, and, ultimately enroll.

Temple University’s School of Public Health

Temple University’s School of Public Health sends a graduation cap topper to accepted high school seniors to build a sense of pride that they are part of the Temple community. The piece is part of a series of ongoing touch points over the summer to keep accepted numbers steady.

Washington & Jefferson College

Washington & Jefferson College also maintains contact with accepted students over the summer with a series of direct mail pieces designed to immerse them in the W&J experience. The first mailers to accepted students invite them to share their W&J pride and include small gifts like decals, socks and magnets. The final touch provides a journal that students can use to begin building a Platform — the school’s cleverly-named learning plan tied to its presidential theme. The mailer drives students to a page that guides them through the process of building a Platform.

W&J also invites students to share their #prezpride on social media, tagging photos of themselves and their new school gear.

Creative direct mail pieces that encourage accepted/enrolled students to take the next step and show up on campus can be a worthwhile investment. Liaison’s Enrollment Marketing Platform (EMP™) has helped schools across the U.S. send personalized pieces that help students develop a connection to the college community. Learn more about how this cloud-based marketing solution and its optional supplementary services can maximize enrollment for your undergraduate and graduate admissions offices.

RJ Nichol

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