Highlights from Higher Ed: The Perceived Value of Degrees and Admission Disruption

RJ Nichol
Jun 29, 2018


That’s how many pages make up President Trump’s proposal to merge the Departments of Education and Labor. Under this new department, higher education programs would fall under a new office called “American Workforce and Higher Education Administration,” which would be “charged with ensuring that American workers possess the skills necessary to succeed in the workforce.”

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education


That’s the percentage of online students who said they feel “the value of their degree equals or exceeds the cost they paid for it,” when surveyed in a new study by Learning House and Aslanian Market Research. This is a higher percentage than for those who just took traditional face-to-face courses. The study also concluded that courses should be mobile friendly, online students need access to career services, online programs are becoming increasingly diverse and are believed by participants to be a good value.

Source: Education Dive


That’s how many respondents said their parents didn’t have a four year degree in a new study by Campus Labs. These first generation students were then evaluated on “noncognitive factors,” where they outscored their peers in educational commitment, self-efficacy, academic and campus engagement. They lagged behind multigenerational students on resiliency and social comfort.

Source: Inside Higher Ed

$200 million

That’s how much 23-year-old Jamie Beaton’s company Crimson is worth. The company is “disrupting college admissions” by matching high school students with mentors who can help them get into the top 100 schools. 

Source: Yahoo

RJ Nichol

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