Highlights from Higher Ed: Obama-era Guidelines and ICE

RJ Nichol
Jul 6, 2018


That’s how many Obama-era guidelines surrounding diversity in higher ed were reversed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The administration has deemed these guidelines “unnecessary, outdated, inconsistent with existing law, or otherwise improper” and claims that they violate Supreme Court precedent on affirmative action.

Source: The Hill


That’s the percentage of accepted students who eventually enrolled at Drexel University in 2014, which was down from 25% in 2004. The University changed their admissions options, greatly increased their high school visits, reformatted orientation and made several internal cutbacks. The result? The university’s most recent six-year graduation rate — 71 percent — was the highest in school history and they’re on target to enroll one of its largest incoming classes.



That’s how many reasons Business Insider lists for why college is more expensive than ever, including a surge in demand, an increase in financial aid, a lack of state funding, a need for more faculty members plus money to pay them and ballooning student services. In fact, 44 million Americans owe a total of $1.5 trillion in student loans.

Source: Business Insider


That’s how much Northeastern University’s contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE, is worth. The University is coming under fire for keeping its partnership with the organization even after the recent crackdown on immigration. Northeastern claims that the partnership is solely related to funding of big data research.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

RJ Nichol

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