Highlights from Higher Ed: Operational Deficits and Affordability

RJ Nichol
Apr 20, 2018


That’s how many colleges were analyzed as part of a new study published in the New York Times. The study found that high schools that were visited for recruiting events were whiter and wealthier than schools that weren’t visited.

Source: The New York Times


That’s the percentage of programs that have dropped out of the Educational Quality through Innovative Partnerships (EQUIP) program. The program, created under President Obama, was founded to give nontraditional providers access to federal financial aid and to see if they could deliver “high standards of quality and positive student outcomes.”

Source: Inside Higher Ed


That’s how many pages make up “Being Not-Rich at UM,” a crowdsourced book of tips from 24 students and alumni who had financial difficulties during their time at the University of Michigan. The lengthy document was created in response to UM’s “affordability guide” which was released earlier this year and widely criticized. The guide included suggestions like canceling a maid service or going out to eat less frequently. A second version has been created by the University of Texas at Austin.

Source: Inside Higher Ed


That’s the operational deficit that Catholic University of America is facing, sparking a discussion about whether the school’s image is detrimental to student recruitment. Catholic University felt a huge loss in 2016, when just 723 freshmen enrolled, resulting in the lowest enrollment in at least a decade.

Source: Chronicle of Higher Ed

RJ Nichol

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