Highlights from Higher Ed: Tuition Savings and Waiting Lists

RJ Nichol
Apr 6, 2018


That’s how much the average out-of-state or international student could save by completing a three-year bachelor’s degree program (“Degree in 3”) at Purdue University. Purdue has used Degree in 3 to try to attract a wider range of students, especially since the College of Liberal Arts has seen enrollment decrease from about 4,300 in 2011 to 2,500 today.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education


That’s how many students are on the Brown University waiting list this year, after 2,566 other students were accepted. High school counselors and admissions advisors are claiming that too many students are being waitlisted at several competitive schools without stating the actual odds of acceptance off the waiting list.

Source: Inside Higher Ed

$60 billion

That’s what the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) claims is the national economic impact of their members. Collectively, CCCU institutions educate 445,000 students, employ 72,000 faculty and staff and serve 3.5 million alumni around the world.

Source: The Chicago Tribune


That’s the percentage of this year’s college freshmen who were admitted to their first-choice school but did not enroll there, according to a survey of 4,600. Money was the issue for most — 71% said the college was too expensive, or they received a better financial aid package elsewhere.

Source: The Washington Post

RJ Nichol

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