Highlights from Higher Ed: Peaceful Protests and the “Aid Race”

RJ Nichol
Mar 2, 2018


That’s how many American colleges and universities have issued statements supporting prospective students who choose to join peaceful protests alongside Parkland shooting survivors. Dozens of institutions have also come forward to say that any disciplinary action taken against a prospective student who was peacefully protesting will not hurt their chances of being admitted.

Source: Reuters


That’s the percentage of the 2016 freshman class at Stanford that came from New York. Similarly, 43.7% of USC’s freshman class came from California, and only 6.5% from New York and New Jersey. Nina Berler, founder of unCommon Apps, wonders if being from New York actually hurts a student’s chance of acceptance at certain schools.

Source: Forbes

58.7 billion  

That’s how much money is given out every year in scholarships. And at nearly one-third of state-funded universities, at least half of all financial aid goes to students who don’t qualify for need-based aid. The result, some argue, is an “aid race” that keeps low-income students from getting a degree.

Source: BloombergView

2 million 

That’s how many Californians in the workforce can’t access traditional colleges. To combat this, the California Community College systems will be unveiling a project to start fully-online competency based programs for job training.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

RJ Nichol

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