Highlights from Higher Ed: Cut Majors and Full Disclosure

RJ Nichol
Mar 16, 2018


That’s how many majors were cut at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point last week, including art, English, geography, Spanish, history and political science. Planned areas for reinvestment are focused on natural resources and more job-oriented fields, including aquaculture, environmental engineering, master of business administration and doctor of physical therapy. The plan is part of the campus’s Point Forward initiative to stabilize enrollment by investing in more distinctive, in-demand programs.

Source: Inside Higher Ed


That’s how many students at Penn are considered legacy students. An open letter entitled “#FullDisclosure Letter” calls for colleges to “reevaluate the purpose behind as well as the extent to which legacy preferences play a role in the college admissions process.” Penn student groups are divided on signing or not signing the letter.

Source: The Daily Pennsylvanian


That’s how many Harvard undergraduate admissions files from a six-year period have been analyzed to detect bias against Asian-Americans. Students for Fair Admissions claims that Asian-Americans are held to a higher standard than other Harvard applicants, and African-Americans and other minorities are given more leeway. The lawsuit could be tried this summer.

Source: CNN


That’s how many Transfer Pathways exist at the University of California for community college students. These recommended courses make students more competitive for entry, but fall short of a guarantee. UC President Janet Napolitano is pushing the university to explore ways that guarantee admission to California’s community college students if they’re academically eligible, a practice which is currently in place at the CSU.

Source: EdSource

RJ Nichol

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