Highlights from Higher Ed: Chatbots and Forums

RJ Nichol
Mar 9, 2018


That’s how many pre-programmed answers exist for Georgia State University’s chatbot, Pounce, in order to answer student questions via text. In 2013, two researchers tested several approaches for increasing the number of low-income students who enrolled in college as planned. Inspired by the research, Georgia State worked with the researchers and AdmitHub to create Pounce, which has been instrumental in combating melt. In a study comparing Pounce users to non-Pounce users, summer melt was about 20 percent lower for students who had Pounce. Had it been available to the whole incoming class, approximately 116 more students would have enrolled.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education


That’s how many online course discussion forums were studied to identify existence of race or gender bias. Overall, instructors responded to 7% of comments posted by students. But for white male students, the response rate was 12%. Researchers found that by using fake last names that would identify a student as part of a specific ethnic group, it changed the likelihood that the instructor would respond.

Source: Inside Higher Ed


That’s how many students in the bottom income quintile of a new study enrolled in college, compared to 64% for students in the middle three quintiles. The data, recently released from the National Center for Education Statistics, proves that historical norms are changing.

Source: Forbes


That’s how much of the world’s enrollment is attending a private higher education institution. The analysis is the first study on the size and shape of private higher education internationally based on comprehensive data.

Source: Inside Higher Ed

RJ Nichol

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