Highlights from Higher Ed: AI and Enrollment Goals

RJ Nichol
Feb 2, 2018


That’s the percentage of adults who believe that artificial intelligence has and will continue to have a fundamental and positive effect on their lives, according to a new study from Gallup and Northeastern University. NU president Joseph Aoun believes that colleges need to adapt to the impending artificial intelligence revolution.

Source: Inside Higher Ed


That’s how many colleges responded to the Chronicle of Higher Education’s survey on enrollment and tuition revenue. The study found that among public colleges, 44% failed to meet their enrollment goals, while 52% of private colleges missed those goals. Additionally, 52% of public colleges and 55% of private colleges reported falling short on net tuition revenue.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education


That’s how much the number of high school graduates is expected to drop between 2026 and 2031. The classes are also expected to become more diverse, with more Hispanic students, fewer white students and a greater range of academic abilities.

Source: The Washington Post

$1 million

That’s how much money deans at the University of Baltimore were given, hypothetically, to invest in their college’s academic program in a meeting modeled after the hit television show Shark Tank. The deans were challenged to provide a summary of their analysis and how their imaginary funds would be distributed.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education

RJ Nichol

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