Highlights from Higher Ed: Calling Campaigns and Transfer Students

RJ Nichol
Jun 22, 2018

$3.74 million

That’s the tuition revenue that Mesa Community College brought in through its calling campaign. The campaign was targeted at students who had applied but hadn’t completed the application process and students who had attended “a semester or two ago” but hadn’t enrolled again.

Source: Education Dive


That’s how much enrollment has increased at two-year institutions in Louisiana in the last year. Monty Sullivan, president of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System, attributes the increase to the first full summer of year-round Pell Grants since Congress restored the aid last year. The total student headcount in the Louisiana community college system is up to more than 18,000 for this summer, and those students are pursuing more than 104,200 credit hours.

Source: Inside Higher Ed


That’s how many colleges were studied by CollegeBoard in an analysis of how personality traits are perceived by admissions officers. The study comes at a time when more higher ed institutions are moving away from traditional GPA and SAT grade consideration and more towards intangible perceptions. The traits included emotional intelligence, self-efficacy and creativity. Of the 10 colleges, only one has performed any study on whether the use of criteria can help predict a student’s success.

Source: The New York Times


That was the number of transfer students that Florida A&M University enrolled this spring, far surpassing their goal of 794. To help further boost the University’s enrollment, the Office of Student Affairs plans to add three state colleges to its “IGNITE” transfer partnership.


RJ Nichol

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