Highlights from Higher Ed: Ranking, Surveying and Educating for the Future

RJ Nichol
Sep 22, 2017

1. The trouble with ranking

Politico reports that criteria used by U.S. News & World Report to rank colleges contributes to schools favoring wealthier students over those who are less well off. The result? According to Brit Kirwan, former chancellor of the University of Maryland system, “We are creating a permanent underclass in America based on education — something we’ve never had before.”

2. The 2017 Survey of Admissions Directors is out

The key finding of Inside Higher Ed’s annual report: There’s pressure felt all around by colleges, both public and private, to meet their student enrollment targets. Only 34% of colleges met these targets by May 1st this year. That’s down from 37% just a year ago and 42% two years ago.   

3. A new model for higher ed

Loyola University Chicago’s Arrupe College is changing higher ed, providing high-quality education to low-income students while helping them avoid the crushing debt that’s often associated with a college degree. Chicago Tonight has more on this new movement in higher ed.

4. Educating for the future

“What would it mean to redesign higher education for the intellectual space travel students need to thrive in the world we live in now?” asks Cathy Davidson in The New Education. NPR talked to the author about why higher education and must change, and the part that students and administrators will play in this process, during this recent interview.

Recommended Reading

How Colleges Change
In this title, Adrianna Kezar explores the theory and practice of change, uncovering assumptions that disrail universities’ attempts to understand, lead and enact change.

RJ Nichol

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