Highlights from Higher Ed: Diversity, Puerto Rico and the Higher Education Act

RJ Nichol
Dec 8, 2017

1. Diversity is still a hot topic

According to syndicated columnist Walter Williams, the definition of “diversity” could use an expansion. Identifying characteristics such as political tendencies are not considered when selecting faculty. He also inquires as to the academic effect of diversity, as countries such as South Korea and Israel produce higher scores than Americans, with little to no diversity.  

2. What’s going on with Harvard?

There have been quite a few articles regarding the issues with admissions at Harvard. What’s actually going on? The bottom line, again, is diversity in admissions. The Students for Fair Admissions has accused the university of having a maximum number of Asian Americans per freshman class. The real issue seems to be the lack of cooperation.

3. Old rules do not apply

Originally written in 1965, the Higher Education Act could use some major overhauls. Now that a decent percentage of students are over 25, work while attending school and have children of their own, it’s time to look at how the federal government can better serve college students.

4. Helping Puerto Rican students continue their studies

Over two months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, students at the University of Puerto Rico are still affected by the disruption in their studies. Smith College has decided to help these students continue their education by offering them a free semester. They did something similar after Hurricane Katrina, offering free tuition, room and board and a stipend.  

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RJ Nichol

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