Highlights from Higher Ed: LinkedIn, International Apps and Self Teachers

RJ Nichol
Nov 17, 2017

1. Add another thing to the list

The New York Times has some advice for prospective students: Create (and maintain!) a professional account on LinkedIn. Known for its networking, job searching, and referral potential, LinkedIn is often mistakenly seen as only useful for people actively searching for jobs. Now students are leveraging the professional, yet social platform “to give the colleges that do look [at students’ social media presence] something they would like them to find.”

2. International applications still streaming in

Despite the uncertainty surrounding immigration, several US universities are seeing an increase in applications from international graduate students. In fact, the rates are up 8% at UMass Amherst. While some countries, like China, are working hard to increase their own educational opportunities, applicants from Turkey almost doubled.

3. When students become their own teachers

In several other countries throughout the world, steps are being taken to put the responsibility of education back on the shoulders of students, specifically through free educational opportunities. Sivam Krish, who launched Innovation Space in 2012, talks about the value of zero teaching, a project-based, self-learning space in Australia.

4. It’s getting better!

A new report from the University of Washington shows that this year’s freshman class is increasing its diversity. Percentages indicate that low-income students, first-generation attendees and underrepresented minority students all increased from last year. Find out more at The Daily.

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RJ Nichol

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