Hannah to Head University of Pittsburgh’s Responsible AI Advisory Board

Jan 17, 2024

Andy Hannah, president of Liaison’s AI and Data Science Solutions and Adjunct Professor of Analytics at the University of Pittsburgh, has been appointed Chairperson of the University of Pittsburgh’s Responsible Data Science Advisory Board. In this pioneering role, he will provide guidance on the initiative’s strategic direction to establish a university-based institute for responsible applications of AI.

“Responsible AI is about the people, the communication, and the applications of this powerful technology, and Andy is ideal for this appointment,” shared Michael Colaresi, Associate Vice Provost for Data Science at the University of Pittsburgh. “He understands the fast-moving applications of AI, best practices, and its societal implications. As a faculty member, he appreciates our focus on students and helping them be the future of the workforce, but also has practical and valuable industry experience. We are fortunate to have him chair the Advisory Board and be an important part of the leadership team in Responsible Data Science at Pitt.”

“With the rapid proliferation of AI, it is essential that we educate our students about the ethical and responsible application of this far-reaching tool,” notes Hannah. “AI is changing the world and preparing our students to navigate its impact responsibly is crucial for a more equitable and sustainable future.”

To position the University of Pittsburgh as a leader at the forefront of AI, the Institute will place a strategic emphasis on the practical implementation of user-driven data science, encompassing AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics. The advisory board will be composed of individuals who not only bring expertise but also serve as dynamic ambassadors for the community, ensuring that the institute’s AI initiatives are finely attuned to the unique challenges and opportunities within the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

Hannah further emphasizes, “The advisory board will play a crucial role in guiding the ethical, legal, and social considerations related to AI development and deployment. We’re excited to collaborate with an interdisciplinary group that brings together diverse perspectives and expertise. This multidimensional approach will help us navigate the complex landscape of AI, fostering innovation while ensuring responsible practices and addressing the intricate challenges that this technology presents in our ever-evolving society.”

In 2014, Hannah cofounded Othot, one of the first AI-driven companies that provided colleges and universities with the data science and analytics needed to engage, enroll, and retain students throughout their academic journeys. The proven platform has since helped hundreds of institutions harness the power of AI and apply predictive and prescriptive analytics to enhance individual student outcomes and optimize operations.

This article was originally published by PR Newswire on January 17th.


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