Going Global: Smarter International Recruitment with the HigherYield™ Solution

RJ Nichol
Jun 26, 2019

It’s no secret. International enrollment in the United States has declined over the past few years. While America is still the hottest destination for graduate and undergraduate students from other countries, the number of students enrolling for the first time experienced a 6.6% drop in the fall of 2017 alone, according to the Institute of International Education’s 2018 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange.

Those behind the study downplay the role of political agendas and policy change and point their fingers at the rising cost of education in the U.S. and stronger competition from universities in other countries. Regardless of the defining reason behind the decline, international recruiters and admissions representatives throughout the country are looking for the most competitive, cost-effective way to attract future international students.

Introducing the HigherYield™ solution

Brought to you by Educational Testing Service (ETS) and our Enrollment Marketing Platform (EMP™), the collaboration of these companies makes perfect sense as both are in the business of helping admissions offices enroll more students with fewer resources. International recruitment at the undergraduate and graduate level has never been considered easy, but in our current climate, it is more difficult than ever.

The HigherYield solution recognizes that although universities in Canada, Japan, Spain and China have seen gains in overall enrollment, the U.S. is still home to the biggest, best and most successful marketing companies in the world. Your institution has the opportunity to prove it, one campaign at a time.

Let’s start with the basics. Immediacy is key. According to the 2017 Aslanian Market Research Study of Online College Students, 61% of students enrolled at the institution that contacted them first. Before you can respond with immediacy, you need to attract an international population seeking the degree and experience your institution offers. This is where ETS comes in.

The GRE® Search Service and TOEFL® Search Service allow institutions to tap into a worldwide database and cost effectively reach prospective applicants who have demonstrated graduate-level readiness. Rather than relying on admissions representatives to recruit an international population on their own, these services focus on specific prospects and let you narrow your list with more than 30 search criteria.

Once you have the names, what’s next? So many international admissions offices allow their qualified prospects to collect dust as they sit in an Excel document for days, weeks or even months. Remember what we said about immediacy. It’s key! Liaison’s powerful EMP and the higher education marketing talent behind the technology ensure that you leave no names in the dust. The HigherYield solution offers four base packages, but each one is highly customizable depending on program need and client request. From relevant, targeted email campaigns to personalized microsites and everything in between, our strategy is designed with your prospects in mind.

The GRE Search Service and TOEFL Search Service database are updated twice weekly. So as long as there is a need for new prospects, the HigherYield solution can continue producing fresh leads. EMP’s trackable marketing data ensures that successful campaigns continue to engage applicants. If changes are required, they can be made on the fly. International student recruitment may be taking a hit, but the HigherYield solution will make the process easier.

“Having the support that Liaison provides me is really priceless. To get eight enrolled students from $4.80, what else can I possibly do better than that? It’s exciting to see those numbers and know that this really works for us.”

–Kelly Holmes, Dean of Graduate Admissions at Marist College

RJ Nichol

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