Get IN the Game: Increase Enrollment with a Some-College-No-Credential Student Strategy

Sep 29, 2022

In the May 2022 annual report, Some College, No Credential Student Outcomes, the National Clearinghouse noted that there are 39 million Americans who have some college, but no degree. While identifying, reenrolling, and supporting these students—who often come from low-income, underrepresented, and underserved populations—is a critical social initiative, a growing number of institutions recognize the practical advantages:

In the wake of the demographic cliff, reenrolling degree-seeking students is an opportunity to boost enrollment and net tuition revenue.

For some colleges and universities, it may mean institutional survival.

Two recent articles, the Chronicle of Higher Education’s Finishing What They Started and Inside Higher Education’s Bringing Back Stop-Outs,highlight how several schools are enrolling and supporting “some college, no credential” (SCNC) students.

So, what are the keys to their success?

  • Finding the right students
  • Engaging them effectively
  • Providing the right support at the right time to ensure persistence to graduation

Sounds simple, right? Not necessarily.

Facing a variety of other enrollment goals and limited resources, finding, engaging, and supporting SCNC students might not be a priority—or even on your radar.

Liaison can help.

Find SCNC Students: It’s Easy if You Know Where to Look

There has never been a reliable and predictable means to locate and enroll SCNC students. If you’re still using conventional, dated, mass-marketing tactics—like billboards, radio, or even digital advertising—or purchasing lists for direct marketing, you’re not zeroing in on the right prospects and your ROI is most likely very low. Casting a wide net is fine, but often not very effective.

Now, using advanced analytics, there is a reliable way to find the right SCNC students—students who have the highest interest in returning to the classroom and to your campus. You can get IN the game with Liaison’s Intelligent Names (IN), Liaison’s one-of-a-kind database, will help you:

  • meet institutional enrollment goals
  • tailor a specific message to likely prospects
  • target your budget resources
  • optimize recruitment and marketing resources
  • maximize your ROI
1 to 1 Communications: The Personal Touch

Now that you are IN the game, how do you engage these students with persuasive messages that will guide them through the enrollment funnel? In the past, most institutions used mass, disconnected messaging, that was not relevant to the prospective student, and again, the ROI was very low.

The key to success is to personalize your communications strategy for each and every student. But how do you do that with limited resources? It’s easier than you think.

Liaison’s Enrollment Marketing allows you to create, manage, and analyze omnichannel marketing campaigns that are immediate, relevant, automated, and trackable to:

  • create awareness and interest
  • lead them through the application and financial aid processes
  • provide critical information about student and academic support, such as parking, daycare, transportation, campus safety, online tutoring, and career services 
Student Success: The Data Difference

Enrollment is not enough. Supporting SCNC students throughout their academic journeys is critical for their success—and yours.

The biggest challenge most institutions face is:

  • identifying who is at risk
  • knowing when they become at risk
  • understanding which intervention(s) will keep the student moving towards degree completion

Most institutions have student success programs, and they send hundreds of emails and texts to students to promote these resources, but time and again, at institution after institution, research shows that the students who really need the support are not using it.

Liaison’s Analytics Platform – Othot, provides the predictive analytics institutions need to identify students with the highest likelihood of not persisting, and most powerfully, it provides the prescriptive analytics to know with confidence which intervention or interventions are needed to increase that student’s likelihood to succeed. Because the data are updated daily, your school will be able to identify when a student’s likelihood to persist declines and which interventional tactic to use to increase the likelihood that student will graduate – the RIGHT SUPPORT, TO THE RIGHT STUDENT, AT THE RIGHT TIME!

Interested in Enrolling SCNC Students at Your Campus?

As Rob Schneider says in the movie Water Boy, “YOU CAN DO IT!” Join us on October 6, 2022, at 3 PM (EDT) as we demonstrate how these three tools—Intelligent Names, Enrollment Marketing, and Advanced Analytics—can be integrated into a complete strategic enrollment solution for SCNC students! 


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