Highlights from Higher Ed: Taking the Posse Approach, Making Data Talk and More

May 19, 2017

1. Pathways to higher ed? Let’s clear ’em.

Gone are the days of there being one single route to college. Increasing access for an evolving student body is one of the main reasons Liaison has partnered with the Common App. This Inside Higher Ed article shows that we’re not the only ones realizing the importance of connecting students who don’t go the high-school-to-college-to-career route to the opportunities available through higher ed.

2. Take the Posse approach to learning.

Though a few years old, this video is a must watch as it introduces you to Dr. Deborah Bial and the Posse Foundation, a leadership organization that is focused on expanding the applicant pool for higher education institutions and opening opportunities for kids who might not otherwise make it to these institutions.

3. Diversity’s good — but why?

When data talks, people listen. You can stand in front of a group, make statements about how expensive attrition is for higher ed institutions and the students who drop out, and receive blank stares in response. Once you go into the data, though, you’ll get the aha moments. This Wired article focuses on data that’s relevant to the lack of diversity in STEM, an industry that Liaison is specifically focused on as we develop EngineeringCAS and other science-focused CASs.

4. Big data plays a big role in the college search process.

More on data! What’s the future of college marketing? The Atlantic explores this topic in this three-part series about how data’s changing the enrollment marketing landscape.  

Recommended Reading

Universities and their Cities: Urban Higher Education in America
Do they have a copy at your local library? WorldCat will tell you.

What responsibilities do colleges have to give back to their cities? Steven J. Diner, former chancellor of Rutgers University and current professor at the University, explores this question in the new title published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

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