Highlights from Higher Ed: Legacy Admissions, Privilege and Jobs as a Second Thought

Jul 21, 2017

1. The long-lasting legacy of bottomless pockets.

Universities have long prioritized admitting prominent donors, but few colleges publish their legacy admissions numbers. This Washington Post article raises an important question: Can we keep this tradition, which is seen as a way to boost alumni giving, while claiming to practice holistic admissions?

2. Is POC privilege in admissions a thing?

In a recent installment of Newsweek’s Quora Questions, a student who was a freshman at Berkeley the year after affirmative action was eliminated from college admissions in California answers this question. Aaron Ellis explores why so often we hear that the greatest threat to colleges is “undeserving black admits” even as “borderline admits come from all races and all places.”

3. Job prospects are a second thought.

The Hechinger Report says that providing high school seniors with access to information about job prospects after graduation does not necessarily impact their choice of school. Why? “Students are relying on lots of different sources,” said Kristin Blagg who coauthored the Urban Institute study. “A one-off tool about labor outcomes is not something they are going to be looking at.”

4. The benefits of so much screen time — yes, they exist.

If you have preteens, teens — or kids of any age, really — then you’re aware that younger generations spend much of their time online. The good news: the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) found a strong relationship between computer and information literacy proficiency levels and frequency of usage of electronic devices for social communication.

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