Highlights from Higher Ed: Balancing the Lifelong Success Equation, Oversharing and Asking the Right Questions

Jun 16, 2017

1. Is math in the equation for lifelong success?

California high school students may help to answer this question, reports The Press-Enterprise, as the Cal State University system considers requiring entering freshmen to have four years of math on their transcripts. An interesting move that represents colleges’ focus on developing a way to predict and ensure student success.

2. Maybe don’t share that…

In admissions, we often focus on changing lives by making offers of admission — but what about when you have to take it back? Harvard’s Admissions Committee recently went through this less than ideal situation when it learned that several students had been sharing memes that included offensive and inflammatory subjects. Vox has the story.

3. “C’mon, America,” says international applicants.

GMAC says that about 2/5s of 547 foreign applicants are less likely to pursue a graduate management degree in what they’re seeing as a “less inclusive and less diverse” America. This Bloomberg article credits the travel ban, anti-immigration rhetoric and proposals to tighten visa rules for new obstacles that business admissions officers as they focus on building the the next class of global leaders.

4. Asking the right questions while increasing access  — it’s hard.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Maryland’s governor sees limiting the use of criminal history records in higher education admissions as decreasing the security of our campuses. He’s not alone, though his is not the only position that higher ed is taking on this controversial issue — see NYU’s decision to ignore completely this question on its Common App. The type of questions that make their way to applications is an interesting component to consider as we work towards increasing access to higher ed.

Recommended Reading

Poets & Quants
Do they have a copy at your local library? Probably not because this is a website.

Normally we dedicate this space to a book since it’ll help give you insight into an important component of higher ed, but this week we’re giving it to a website that’s particularly important for one of our audiences: business schools.

Bob Alig, former executive vice president of GMAC and former director of MBA admissions and financial aid at Wharton School, shared this resource with us this week as we prepared for our upcoming Introducing: BusinessCAS webinar. Bob is consulting with Liaison as we develop the advisory board group that will guide BusinessCAS. Hear more from him during our June 29th webinar.




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