Highlights from Higher Ed: International Apps, Admissions Secrets and the Art of Authenticity

RJ Nichol
Nov 24, 2017

1. More support for veterans

November is Military Family Month and with more veterans heading towards higher education, it’s time for institutions to have a visible and practical plan for veteran admission. Programs like the Veteran House at San Diego State University are helping veterans succeed with all aspects of college. While veteran graduation rates are low, it’s important to look at how recent changes to the Forever GI Bill can help.

2. The latest on international apps

Voice of America News reports that international students are coming to America to study at a lower and slower rate. Economic conditions appear to be the main cause of why the rates are lower, particularly the cost of college and increase in competition. It’s not as appealing as it used to be, the report suggests.

3. Admissions expert reveals secrets

College admissions expert Danny Ruderman tells CNBC his suggestions for students beginning their college list. He admits that it takes a thoughtful approach and suggests they do not focus on the name on the doors, but the right school for them. Ruderman encourages students to visit a range of schools, reach broadly and research the details.

4. The art of authenticity

With a plethora of articles and blog posts talking about successful application essays and offering tips on how to get into their college of choice, it’s getting harder for admissions officers to truly determine who is sincere and who is playing “the game.” Everyone is talking about authenticity and being genuine, but how can admissions officers know for sure?

Recommended Reading

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RJ Nichol

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