Finding Better-Fit Applicants with PSYCAS™

RJ Nichol
Jun 16, 2020

Tennessee State University (TSU) used to have a paper-based application system that “was outdated and inefficient,” said Kiesa Kelly, Ph.D., chair of TSU’s Department of Psychology and an associate professor there. That all changed with PSYCAS™ — the Centralized Application Service (CAS™) for graduate level psychology programs.

“Now faculty can access applications to review from their homes,” she said. “There is also a sense that our applicants are a better fit. They seem more interested.”

PSYCAS provides benefits to prospective students by offering an online resource to research graduate academic offerings and submit to multiple programs with a single portal. It offers programs the potential to reach a broader audience of prospective students and to effectively apply the latest technology for managing graduate admissions.

“Faculty have better, more direct control over the process, too, which makes it easier and less stressful for them,” Kelly said.

Saving time at Tennessee State

At TSU, PSYCAS began solving problems right away.

“With our paper-based system, it was difficult for faculty to access and review applications,” Kelly said. “Given the logistical challenges of our old system, faculty were delighted to try an automated system, and it was worth it. The changes have been very positive.”

Those changes extended beyond simply “going paperless.” The entire application process — and its outcomes — have improved.

“We have ways to easily email applicants and prospective applicants. We have ways of tracking the process longitudinally,” Kelly said. “We no longer have to spend time and effort managing paper files that are submitted in piecemeal fashion by applicants.”

“The time saved is huge,” said Kelly. “We no longer need staff collecting, sorting, scanning and organizing paper applications. Faculty have greater control over what is now a more efficient and effective process.”

You can learn more about PSYCAS and the benefits that it offers participating psychology programs here.

RJ Nichol

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