Explore Higher Ed’s Timeliest Topics In the Latest Issue of “The Admissionist”

RJ Nichol
Mar 29, 2021

Enrollment experts share tips for adapting admissions strategies, reaching new and diverse applicant pools and more!

The newest issue of The Admissionist — Liaison’s quarterly magazine dedicated to the art, science and industry of college admissions — is now available online and in print. Put it on your reading list now so you don’t fall behind your peers in the race to recruit and admit best-fit applicants for your program. Here’s a look at what you’ll find this quarter…

Innovative Admissions Strategies

TargetX CEO Sasha Peterson writes about how savvy campus leaders are pivoting for a better future in the wake of the pandemic, sharing real examples from institutions across the country. You’ll also find graduate enrollment leaders outlining programs their institutions created to incentivize current undergrads to apply to their postgraduate programs. Are you looking for better ways to engage recruits this year? We delved into research that shows why it might be time to re-think print campaigns.

New Data Insights

Texas A&M University College of Engineering has a powerful story about how they mine data collected through EngineeringCAS to drive strategic decision-making. In fact, these new technological possibilities are one of the main reasons our CEO expressed optimism for the future of admissions in an article about the acceleration of change we’ve experienced this year.

The Power of Community

Whether you’re looking to boost matriculation in your GME program, weather the disruptions of these chaotic times or optimize your department’s time and resources, you’ll meet your goals easier when you’re surrounded by helpful partners. Read on for first-hand accounts of what you can expect to see when you join our admissions communities!

With perspectives from higher-ed admissions leaders at institutions across the country, The Admissionist provides action-oriented insights into addressing the most important challenges and opportunities facing your institution today.

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RJ Nichol

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