Building Community, Connections, and Confidence ~ experience: LIAISON | Seattle

Jan 5, 2023

It’s hard to overstate the role that universities have played in the development of our world. They inspire and catalog discovery and exploration, steward the knowledge that defines modern civilization, and facilitate the transfer of new ideas and information around the globe. And in a time of crisis, a time of transition like the one drawing – hopefully – to a close, these institutions play an additional role. They provide an intangible promise of stability, a sense of normalcy, and an assurance that intellect and ingenuity will always serve as the core of our collective ability to manage through disruptive times.  

Liaison understands that colleges and universities facilitate the kind of intellectual transformation required to improve the world, to produce a more just and equitable place. Our world needs leaders who can solve complex challenges, and we work hard every day to support the schools training these leaders.

As part of this commitment and with the hope of advancing important conversations that help shape higher education, we have launched a new approach to collaborating and connecting—experience: LIAISON. 

Professional Gathering Reimagined

Understanding the “new normal” in US higher education means acknowledging the altered landscape of professional conferences. Gone are the days of the week-long conference with sage-on-the-stage sessions that run hours long. And while the return of in-person conferences is still a relatively recent development, it has become clear that to make professional conferences relevant, the format has to change.

experience: LIAISON is just this; it is a conference reimagined. 

It is an intimate, collaborative gathering that brings together people like yourself—thought leaders, practitioners, and subject-matter experts—to network and share strategies for success. For two spirited days, you’ll take part in peer-led discussions, short presentations on best practices, and big-picture thinking about the challenges of leadership and the future of higher education. The sessions are designed to be brief, high-impact conversations that are as intellectually provocative as they are pragmatic. 

experience: LIAISON | Seattle February 15-16, 2023

experience: LIAISON is held throughout the country. Each regional instance is different, is uniquely centered around important communities where our customers and prospects live and work, and focuses on themes that originate in the region. 

Seattle is a city that’s known for, among other things: 

  • Tech and AI: It’s not just Microsoft and Amazon that have roots in the area that have created a new economy and helped to redefine the Seattle area as a tech hub; now there’s a new wave of AI and Machine Learning development and application in the area.  
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Sure, a large share of the technology we rely upon and take for granted today has its origins in the area but let us not forget the genesis of everyone’s favorite morning ritual: coffee. Starbucks and others created an entirely new market in the highly competitive food and beverage sector. It can be easy to forget that Seattle was “ground zero” for the development of an entirely new set of consumer behaviors and social norms.  
  • Resilience as the Fulcrum of Success: Behind NYC, Seattle was the hardest-hit city during the pandemic. This city’s recovery and its rallying as a community have defined what resilience looks like. No doubt the schools in this region feel inspired by this spirit of resilience as they look to redefine their approach to operations, leadership, and curriculum.  
This is experience: LIAISON. Please join us!

I promise that the engaging sessions and experiences that we have planned for Seattle will: 

– Immerse you in all that this great northwestern city has to offer

– Provide you with a broader understanding of the trends and trajectories influencing higher education

– Prepare you with actionable strategies to achieve your goals

– Connect — or reconnect — you with a community of professionals dedicated to improving higher education

Facing the challenges of the current era is a daunting, ongoing task, and it’s not one that schools should face alone. By convening campus leaders from around the country, we all have an opportunity to learn from one another.

Don’t wait! Register today. And, if Seattle doesn’t work out for you, look for future experience: LIAISON events in Chicago (July) and Atlanta (November)!

Written by: Stephen Taylor, BusinessCAS Research Director


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