Highlights from Higher Ed: Content Marketing, the Economy and Recruitment Trends

RJ Nichol
Dec 22, 2017

1. Content marketing’s place in higher ed

Content marketing in higher ed can be complicated since “the person who writes the check won’t ever use [your] services,” according to the Content Marketing Institute. Yet, this type of marketing remains a powerful tool in the higher ed marketer’s tool box.

2. Can Silicon Valley bridge the gap?

Connected but Conflicted: Higher Education and Silicon Valley highlights the disconnect between universities in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley companies. If unaddressed, this disconnect could “threaten the supply of skills and knowledge needed for economic growth and civic vitality in the region.” This title goes over what needs to happen so universities can graduate future workers who are better prepared for the workplace.

3. To focus or not to focus?

With over a third of students changing their majors at least once, there is a strong argument against recruiting students for a specific field of interest. Specifically, math and natural sciences are seeing the biggest exodus of students. The Education Department’s National Center for Education Statistics has more information in their brief study.

4. It’s getting harder to recruit the best US students

Earlier this fall, the World Economic Forum released their 2018 best universities list. The highest an American university placed was third. What does this mean for colleges in the US? Competition to recruit the best US students has increased.  

RJ Nichol

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