Evolving College Recruiting in the Health Professions: Lessons from Dental Programs

Many colleges and universities are struggling to attract and retain students — especially in the health professions, which typically require ongoing education and advanced degrees. In addition to challenges such as declining birth rates and an improving economy reducing the impetus for older students to Read More

3 Tips to Stretch Your Recruitment Marketing Resources

Peru State College was Nebraska’s first college, originally established in 1867 as a teacher training school with one building and 60 students. Since then, it has transformed into a state-of-the-art institution that offers diverse educational programs to 2,400 students. Despite its small size, Peru State Read More

Leveraging the “What” to Engage Prospective Students

What do your students expect? In a previous post, we covered the secret to crafting an effective graduate student engagement strategy: leveraging the 4 Ws to recruit best-fit students. Now, let's explore the What. You know what you expect from prospective graduate students. Now it’s Read More