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Pandemic Year in Review: An Interview With EMP’s Remote Interns

Real-world experience: Colleges talk about it. Students expect it. Employers look for it on resumes. College juniors and seniors most commonly get real-world experience through hands-on, in-person internships. So, what does real-world experience look like during a global “new normal”? Glassdoor estimated that half of the Read More

Explore Higher Ed’s Timeliest Topics In the Latest Issue of “The Admissionist”

Enrollment experts share tips for adapting admissions strategies, reaching new and diverse applicant pools and more! The newest issue of The Admissionist — Liaison’s quarterly magazine dedicated to the art, science and industry of college admissions — is now available online and in print. Put Read More
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A New Perspective on Business School Rankings

Graduate management education (GME) rankings can be as insightful as they are frustrating Stephen Taylor is the Research Director for BusinessCAS. Find Steve’s full conversation with John Byrne, the Editor-in-Chief of Poets&Quants, in video, audio or text formats here. Connect with Steve here:  Much Read More
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GME 101: Why Student Recruiter Titles Are So Weird

Despite the odd naming conventions, the role of the student recruiter is integral to the Graduate Management Education (GME) community Stephen Taylor is the Research Director for BusinessCAS. In this blog series, he examines what makes GME programs tick and demystifies some of the more puzzling aspects Read More

GME 101: The Value of Student Recruitment

The Integral Role that Recruiters Play in the Graduate Management Education (GME) Community Stephen Taylor is the Research Director for BusinessCAS. This is the second post — read the first one here — in a new blog series, in which he'll explore the evolving best practices Read More
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The Undergraduate to Graduate Connection: Establishing Programs to Boost Retention and Drive Enrollment

Enrollment leaders explore new approaches to graduate recruitment in our on-demand webinar with the Common App  Every level of higher education comes with its unique challenges — and in today’s highly interconnected world, the solutions to these problems will increasingly rely on cooperation that transcends Read More
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GME 101: Exploring New and Evolving Best Practices in GME Administration

Innovative Strategies and Best Practices from Across the Graduate Management Education (GME) Community Stephen Taylor is the Research Director for BusinessCAS. This is the first post in a new blog series, in which he'll explore the evolving best practices and strategies the GME field will Read More

Findings of the 2020 B-School Rankings Health Assessment

We put you — and your competitors on the bubble of the top 25 ranked business schools — to the test with our rankings health checklist. Below you'll find the trends we saw across business schools. Connect with us today for your own personalized results Read More

The New Realities of Today’s Grad Student Recruitment Messaging: Seven Insights From the 2019 NAGAP Inquiry Response Project

Every year since 2016, Liaison has conducted studies that involve submitting inquiry forms to hundreds of schools and then tracking the schools’ responsiveness to those inquiries. Data collected includes information about the timing, methods and types of responses received. The purpose is to uncover trends Read More

Confuse Them at Your Own Risk: How Gen Z Students Differ From Millennials

If you want to come across as outdated, out of touch and unconcerned about the future of your college or university, just work with your “Generation Z” applicants the same way you’ve been interacting with millennials. Of course, a better strategy would be to recognize Read More