Highlights from Higher Ed: Standardized Test Scores and the Death of Higher Ed

23% That’s the percentage of international students who will be attending Franklin & Marshall College this fall, even though international enrollment dropped by 7% last year across the US. The college attributes some of this success to their decision to send a faculty member to Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Guaranteed Admission and Visa Limits

$20,780 That’s the lowest tuition price offered at Fairmont Private School in Orange County, CA, an institution that now guarantees its graduates will be accepted to and receive scholarships for tuition at the Top 100 U.S. colleges or universities. The school’s “Fairmont College Promise” also Read More

Associations Offer Students Valuable Insight on Career Options

Choosing a career: many students say it’s the most difficult decision they’ve faced thus far on their academic journeys. The choice can be especially daunting for students considering options that demand advanced degrees and ongoing education, such as many careers in the health professions. Complicating Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Underemployment and Out-of-state Apps

40% That’s how many college graduates end up “underemployed” — that is, in a position that does not require a degree, in their first job out of college. According to this new study, two-thirds of these graduates will still be underemployed five years later, and Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Attrition and Nontradition

35 That’s how many free credit hours are awarded to students at Marion Technical College in Ohio if they complete at least 30 hours of college-level courses in the first year while earning at least a 2.5 grade point average. The college created this program Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Attrition and HS Graduate Decreases

20% That’s how many students leave college without a degree although they’ve completed 75% of the credits required to receive it, according to a new analysis from Civitas Learning. The study is based on data from 52 two- and four-year universities that use Civitas tools Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Antitrust Laws and Interdisciplinary Schools

5 That’s how many years the NAICU requested for a redemption from antitrust laws for its member schools “to ensure public affordability purposes are served through any exemption.” Jeffrey Selingo suggests that violating the antitrust laws would restore reason to the admissions process and slow Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Expanding Engineering Halls and Decreasing Graduate Students

$129 million That’s how much it will cost to build the University of Tennessee’s new 228,000 square foot engineering hall. Construction of the new building begins this fall and is expected to be completed by 2021. The hall will house research labs, project spaces, informal Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Operational Deficits and Affordability

42 That’s how many colleges were analyzed as part of a new study published in the New York Times. The study found that high schools that were visited for recruiting events were whiter and wealthier than schools that weren’t visited. Source: The New York Times Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Early Admissions and New Tuition Structures

40% That’s the percentage of classes at “elite” colleges that are filled by early applicants. The Justice Department is now investigating possible antitrust violations at these schools related to the sharing of information between them. The schools in question include Amherst College, Middlebury College and Read More