Highlights in Higher Ed: Understanding Post-traditional and International Students

Liberal arts degree — still worth it A new study by a pair of economists at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation suggests that a liberal arts degree is still worth the cost. While it may not garner as much income as an engineering degree, it Read More

Highlights in Higher Ed: Admissions Selectivity and Graduation Rates

Legacy status and athletics edge out race in admissions public poll When the American public was polled by Pew Research Center, almost 75% opposed the consideration of race in admissions. Just 7% thought race should be a major factor, and only 8% think legacy status Read More

Highlights in Higher Ed: Instagram Influencers and Business School Rankings

Instagram influencers push FAFSA completion Social media plays a huge role in college recruitment marketing, and upcoming students are still not completing the FAFSA — in fact, only 38% of high school seniors have completed it thus far. This has prompted an Instagram campaign, pushing Read More

Highlights in Higher Ed: Social Media and New Buildings

More Social Media Changes Coming Facebook announced that they will be integrating their Messenger program with WhatsApp and Instagram by 2020. While social media plays a role in marketing for higher education, this change will be crucial for colleges as GenZ continues to complete applications. Read More

Highlights in Higher Ed: Housing and Politics

New Education Plan Around the Corner? In what looks like a last-chance effort, Sen. Lamar Alexander is pushing to get the Higher Education Act reauthorized before his term is over, preferably within the next year. The Republican from Tennessee laid out three goals with the Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Spend and New Names

States increase spending on higher ed in 2018 The annual Grapevine Survey reported a 4% increase in state spending on higher education in 2018. Colorado had the largest gain and joined 24 other states in spending more in 2018 than in 2017. The increase is Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed Special Edition: Holistic Admissions

A Quick and Efficient Approach to Interviews Since it was developed at McMaster University in 2002, the Multiple Mini-Interview (MMI) has been adopted at other medical schools across North America and the globe. The process consists of 10 mini-interviews. Each session is 8 minutes long, Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Transfer Students and Micro-internships

Food insecurity and college completion A recent report from the Government Accountability Office shows that there are millions of college students who are, or at risk of being, food insecure. And while some of them may qualify for SNAP benefits, most of them don’t know Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: HBX and Other Changes

Humanities, Ph.D.s and Data Perhaps surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of data surrounding what Ph.D. students are doing, either while they are in school or after. Last year the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) conducted two surveys to fill in the gaps of knowledge surrounding Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Innovation and International Students

An Alliance for Diversity Diversity has been a hot topic in education and admissions for a while, and now a group of six schools of public affairs have joined together to create the Public Affairs Diversity Alliance. This Alliance, led by American Military University, has Read More