Highlights in Higher Ed: Legacy Admissions and the Hot Seat

60% That’s how much less it costs to attend Berklee’s online program rather than their in-person classes. Though the drastic price decrease was initially criticized, as of fall 2017, Berklee Online's undergraduate enrollment stood at 1,138 students, up from 244 just two academic years earlier. Read More

Highlights in Higher Ed: Obama-era Guidelines and ICE

24 That’s how many Obama-era guidelines surrounding diversity in higher ed were reversed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The administration has deemed these guidelines “unnecessary, outdated, inconsistent with existing law, or otherwise improper” and claims that they violate Supreme Court precedent on affirmative action. Source: Read More

Highlights in Higher Ed: The Perceived Value of Degrees and Admission Disruption

132 That’s how many pages make up President Trump’s proposal to merge the Departments of Education and Labor. Under this new department, higher education programs would fall under a new office called “American Workforce and Higher Education Administration,” which would be “charged with ensuring that Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Calling Campaigns and Transfer Students

$3.74 million That’s the tuition revenue that Mesa Community College brought in through its calling campaign. The campaign was targeted at students who had applied but hadn't completed the application process and students who had attended "a semester or two ago" but hadn't enrolled again. Read More

Engineering Faces a Diversity Issue. EngineeringCAS™ Can Help.

Whether you're perusing U.S. News & World Report, exploring ASEE.org or catching up on Scientific American, you're bound to see coverage of the concerning lack of diversity in engineering and the sciences. Take, for instance, the fact that 4,000 African American engineers graduate annually with Read More

Del Mar College Builds Bridges to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Del Mar’s challenge: Removing barriers to advance nursing education Del Mar College, a community college in Corpus Christi, Texas offering both vocational certificates and associate degrees in nursing, is working hard to boost the supply of qualified nurses trained and ready to enter the workforce. The school Read More

University of Miami Business School Director of Admissions Covers the Role of Technology in Admissions

Liaison International’s Bob Alig recently spoke with Loubna Bouamane, Ph.D. director of admissions for graduate business programs at the University of Miami, about how her school incorporates technology into the recruiting process — and why the University of Miami has found technology and creativity vital Read More

Brandeis IBS Assistant Dean of Admissions Highlights the Role of Data in Admissions

Liaison International’s Bob Alig recently interviewed Kelly Sugrue, assistant dean of admissions at Brandeis International Business School and a member of Liaison’s BusinessCAS™ advisory board. Read how Kelly is using data to drive admissions decisions at Brandeis IBS. Bob Alig (BA), Liaison: You bring perspective Read More

Santa Clara University Senior Assistant Dean of Graduate Business Programs Discusses Expanding the Reach of Online MBA Program

Liaison International’s Bob Alig recently interviewed Toby McChesney, senior assistant dean of graduate business programs at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business and chair of Liaison’s BusinessCAS TM advisory board. Toby shares more about his experience launching Santa Clara’s inaugural online program and how the Read More

KU Executive Director of MBA and MSB Programs Discusses Trends and Triumphs in Graduate Management Education

Liaison International’s Bob Alig recently sat down with Dee Steinle, executive director of MBA and MSB programs and vice chair of Liaison's BusinessCASTM advisory board, to discuss how the University of Kansas School of Business is adapting to keep pace with shifting demands in the Read More