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Your CAS™ is Configured. Your Next Step? Getting Up and Running With WedAdMIT™ (Level 1 Training)

When applicants log on to your program’s Centralized Application Service (CAS™), every significant step they take is shaped by the choices you made when you initially customized the site using the tools available in your WebAdMIT™ configuration portal.

Applicants will immediately see your institution’s preferred branding. They’ll learn about your program’s requirements and prerequisites. They’ll begin receiving prompts to enter additional, program-specific information you want the CAS to capture, such as personal data that can support your institution’s holistic admissions priorities.

At that point, you’re ready to begin receiving and processing applications — and capitalizing on the wealth of information they put at your fingertips. How? By once again harnessing the power of WebAdMIT. WebAdMIT works in tandem with your CAS to pool applicants’ individual and collective data and to make it easier for you to review, contact and categorize every applicant during each step of the admissions process.

From the Dashboard to the Details

As a WebAdMIT user or administrator, your post-configuration experience really begins on the “Dashboard” page, which features three key components.

The menu bar on the left side of the Dashboard provides options for navigating all aspects of the WebAdMIT software. The center of the page displays recent applicant activity, such as details of new or updated applications. (You would click on an applicant’s name here, for example, to view his or her Applicant Details Page, which allows you to see all of the information that student has entered into the CAS.) The right side of the Dashboard categorizes your entire pool of applicants based on their current status in the application process.

Keep in mind that WebAdMIT is for internal use only; applicants never see it. Access to Dashboard information is only granted to designated members of your institution and any professional association that may be affiliated with your CAS.

Also, WebAdMIT users don’t necessarily have the ability to take advantage of all the tools and data the software provides. Your WebAdMIT Administrator decides who can use some (or all) of its features by creating Work Groups based on sets of permissions. For example, you can create Work Groups with different levels of permissions for reviewers, interviewers and data entry clerks. Of course, the more Dashboard permissions a group has, the greater its insights into applicant information and trends will be.

Communication and Data Retrieval Made Easy

Just as your CAS makes it easy for students to research and apply to programs using a single online portal, WebAdMIT serves as a central, intuitive resource for admissions professionals and their peers at affiliated third-party associations. WebAdMIT also lets you:

  • Communicate with applicants through customized individual and/or batch emails.
  • Search and filter your application pool in order to categorize applicants based on exact criteria you define — e.g., state of residence, GPA or test scores.
  • Export data into files that only you can edit.

To learn more about getting your CAS up and running with WebAdMIT — and to see examples of WebAdMIT in action — add the on-demand WebAdMIT Level 1 Training to your personalized Liaison Academy learning plan.