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Take a Good Look at the Future of Admissions

There seem to be more questions than answers these days about the future of both graduate and undergraduate enrollment and education. On the bright side, though, the need to find shared outcomes beneficial to everyone in higher education is generating inspiring conversations about what comes next.

Liaison International’s new on-demand webinar, “The Future of Admissions,” features a panel of four admissions experts tackling some of the biggest topics of today and tomorrow. It features Jeff Selingo (Author of the forthcoming book, “Who Gets In & Why: A Year Inside College Admissions”) Lynn Perry Wooten (Dean, Dyson School for Applied Economics, Management and Business, Cornell University), Yvonne Romera da Silva (Vice President for Enrollment, Rice University) and Robert F. Ruiz (Vice President, Strategic Enrollment, Liaison).

During this webinar, they explore a number of timely issues with lasting implications for admissions and enrollment, including:

  • Shifting demographics.
  • Affordability
  • Changes to recruiting guidelines from the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).
  • Enrollment shortfalls and rising discount rates.
  • The changing motivations of students and employers for graduate and professional degrees.
  • The role of standardized tests.
  • Trends in graduate enrollment.

“I’m always thinking about how to create a fair and equitable admission process for everyone,” says Wooten. “I think we need a paradigm shift in American society about what higher education is and the opportunities that all of our students have in this country today.”

“Admissions is really about institutional priorities and sometimes those institutional priorities can change from year to year,” says Selingo. “So while parents and students and counselors want more transparency, it’s very difficult for colleges and universities to provide that because what they want out of their student body is always evolving.”

“If you look broadly across higher education, there’s more capacity than there are students in seats,” says da Silva. “In a world of haves and have nots, institutions that are well positioned and well resourced often garner the most attention.”

Is your school taking the right steps in order to stay on the right track for the future? Learn more by watching “The Future of Admissions” now.