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Separating Fact from Fiction in Post-Pandemic GME Admissions

What will the world of graduate management education (GME) admissions look like after the COVID-19 pandemic has receded? How can your institution anticipate those changes and prepare for them?

Liaison’s recent interactive panel discussion, “Separating Fact from Fiction in Post-Pandemic GME Admissions,” featured enrollment professionals from two leading institutions facilitating a “true-or-false” quiz on several topics GME programs must navigate in a post-pandemic world. From new recruitment strategies, to pricing models to admissions technology, panelists challenged conventional wisdom to predict the changes business schools will grapple with in order to thrive in the aftermath of COVID-19.

During this session, Monica Powell, Ph.D. (Senior Associate Dean, Jindal School of Management at University of Texas at Dallas) and Kelly Sugrue (Assistant Dean of Admissions at Brandeis International Business School) addressed questions including:

  • Will online learning will be divided into tiered, variably priced academic portfolios?
  • Will cloud-based admissions and enrollment solutions continue to become the industry standard even after admissions offices reopen?
  • Will some U.S. programs’ major markets for international students, such as China and India, substantially decline? Will others, such as South America, grow?
  • Will on-demand, at-home standardized tests become the norm?
  • Will student recruitment move away from travel, tours and fairs in favor of expanded digital marketing efforts?

Even if you think you already know the answers to those questions, you may be surprised and enlightened by what your peers in other admissions departments are thinking.

View the on-demand recording of “Separating Fact from Fiction in Post-Pandemic GME Admissions” here.