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Highlights from Higher Ed: Strategic Enrollment Management Plans, Fall Enrollment and College Presidents’ Top Worries

Most schools have a strategic enrollment management (SEM) plan — and most of them say it’s “very important” Almost two-thirds (65%) of recently surveyed admissions offices said they have a strategic enrollment management (SEM) plan that “aligns the goals of recruitment, admission, enrollment, retention and Read More

How Graduate Education Serves the Public Good

In light of the significant disruptions to graduate education imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and other recent game-changing trends in our culture and economy, it is now more important than ever for people who advocate on behalf of graduate education to make the case for Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Suspended Ph.D. Admissions, Enrollment Declines at Home and Success Overseas

COVID-19 prompts more schools to suspend the admission of doctoral students The pandemic may be reshaping the future of the Ph.D. education in the United States. “An increasing number of humanities and social science departments in the nation’s research universities are suspending the admission of Read More

Digging Deeper: How Graduate Engineering Programs Mine Data for Better Enrollment Outcomes

"A very easy way to gather data." “There's no playbook on how to handle a pandemic,” said Norman Fortenberry, Sc.D., Executive Director of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). “So now institutions are creating their own playbook. They’re asking ‘What can we do? What Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Barriers to Completing Degrees, Doubts about Higher Ed and a New Rule Proposal for International Students

Study identifies three reasons why adults don’t return to college to finish degrees “Among adults ages 25 to 44 who do not have a college degree, interest in enrolling in post-secondary education has increased since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic: 42% of those surveyed Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: MBA Satisfaction, Admissions Outlooks and Job Prospects

Global MBAs express satisfaction with their degrees “Two-thirds of MBAs from across the globe are ‘fairly satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their degrees,” and 88% of respondents to the same survey agree that earning the degree allowed them to gain “substantially more skills” to help Read More

The Future Has Spoken: Listening to the Data to Drive Forward-Looking Strategies

Focusing on the future of engineering education Data is destiny, and it’s speaking to you right now. As engineering education programs look to rebound from diminishing international applications and widespread economic uncertainty, the ability to recognize trends in real time and make strategic decisions has Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: College Town Outbreaks, Mental Health, Voting and Tuition Inflation

76% of worst U.S. Coronavirus outbreaks are in college communities Cities and towns housing large student populations are epicenters of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the country. “Of the country’s 25 worst COVID-19 outbreaks over the past two weeks, 19 are in towns with colleges; Read More

Why CAS™ Onboarding Was a “Fantastic Experience” at the University of Tennessee at Martin

The University of Tennessee at Martin (UT Martin) is a comprehensive public university providing high-quality undergraduate and graduate educational programs to students from West Tennessee and beyond. It offers graduate degrees in Agriculture & Natural Resources, Business Administration, Counseling, Educational Leadership, Teaching, Family and Consumer Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Grad Students’ Worries, Rising Tuition and Business School Location Preferences

New report details grad students’ woes Approximately one-quarter of recently surveyed graduate students have concerns about food and housing insecurity, and an equal number believe they will need more time than anticipated to complete their degrees. Among those expecting a delay, 51% think they will Read More