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What’s New? June 2020

You will find some of the recent and upcoming changes to the CAS™ listed below:

2020-2021 Cycle Rollover

Review the cycle enhancements for the upcoming application cycle. New features are available to help you better customize the application to fit your program‘s needs:

BusinessCAS™ 2020-2021 Cycle Enhancements
EngineeringCAS™ 2020-2021 Cycle Enhancements
GradCAS™ 2020-2021 Cycle Enhancements 

Question Rules: Impact on Documents Type Visibility and Program Availability

You now have a suite of seven features that allow you to customize your program set-up to target different student populations based on how they identify themselves by their responses within the application.

The Questions Rules detailed below outline the two most recently released features. We hosted a webinar, Understanding Designation Configurations for the 2020-2021 Cycle Rollover, at the beginning of June that demonstrated how to apply these rules in real-world scenarios. If you were unable to attend the webinar, you can access the recording here.

The two features below were part of the release on May 24, 2020. Find the Release Notes here. Additional instructions, as well as how-to videos related to configuring question rules, can be found here.

Show Document Question Rule

This feature aims to provide applicants with a better user experience by showing them only the documents they need to upload based on how they answer questions either within the Extended Profile or at the program-level. Please note, it is currently not possible to tie the show/hide document feature to organization-level questions.

EXAMPLE: The feature can be used to ask international students to submit specific documents (e.g., copy of passport) if they identify as such in the Extended Profile. If this is activated for a program using the Rules Builder feature in the Configuration Portal, Passport will not show up as a required document type for domestic applicants. The show/hide document feature could also be used to ask specific student groups (e.g., Peace Corps members) to submit participation documents if tied to a program-level question.

Program Availability Question Rule

This feature aims to provide applicants with a better user experience by only showing them programs they are qualified to apply for based on their answers in the Extended Profile. The same program filters are applied if the rule is tied to an organization-level question or program-level question.

EXAMPLE: The feature can be used to show international students’ specific designations if they identify as such in the Extended Profile. Alternately, if this feature is tied to an organization-level or program-level question using the Rules Builder feature in the Configuration Portal, it can be used to provide applicants custom instructions if they select a program for which they are not qualified. For example, if a designation is only available to a specific group of applicants, such as those who are currently earning a bachelor‘s degree through a partnership program with your institution, applicants who select that designation but are not enrolled in the partnership program will receive a pop-up message (you can customize) requesting them to select a different designation.

Upcoming Webinar: Managing Data Integrations Across Multiple CAS Admissions Cycles

The final webinar in the series focused on planning for the 2020-2021 cycle will take place on August 12 at 12:00 PM PT / 3:00 PM ET. Liaison‘s data integration specialist, Greg Martin, will lead the webinar and discuss the various ways to build integration efficiencies among your platforms. He‘ll concentrate on creating integrations across multiple CAS cycles and on managing overlapping cycles as is the case with BusinessCAS, EngineeringCAS and GradCAS. This webinar is heavily focused on IT configurations and designed for CAS participants who currently export their data to their CRMs and SIS/ERP systems. You are strongly encouraged to invite your IT coordinators to participate in the webinar. Register here.

2020 Virtual Liaison User Webinar: Details

You don’t have to chain yourself to your desk to participate in the 2020 Virtual Liaison User Conference. Sessions are broken up in hour-long increments and spread out over several weeks.

The conference provides you with the great content you expect to receive such as discussions about hot higher ed topics with industry thought leaders as well as product-driven sessions from experts at Liaison.

Registration is open for the free conference. You can browse the preliminary agenda here.