Liaison User Conference Session Spotlight: AAVMC Director of Admissions and Recruitment Affairs Shares Lessons Learned from Olympians

Liaison’s Leah Bianchi recently caught up with Tony Wynne, director of admissions and recruitment affairs for the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC). Tony, who will be a presenter at the Liaison User Conference at the end of the month, talks about his upcoming visit to Boston for the event.

Leah Bianchi (LB), Liaison: How long have you been with AAVMC? What did you do before this role?

Tony Wynne

Tony Wynne, AAVMC (TW): I’ve been with AAVMC for 12 years. Prior to AAVMC, I contracted with Sunrise Senior Living where I developed a Project Management Office for their IT Departments. Prior to that, I held positions at DeVry University in both the admissions and academic affairs offices.

(LB): How long have you worked with Liaison’s products and services? What has your experience with Liaison been?

(TW): In the 12 years that I’ve been working with Liaison, I’ve seen the company grow in terms of clients and services. During that time, Liaison International has positioned itself as a leader in the higher education space.

(LB): What are you looking forward to at the Liaison User Conference?

(TW): The Liaison User Conference is an excellent opportunity to network with others and to learn about Liaison products. I look forward to sharing ideas, opening minds and working together to pave the road to improvements in higher education management and processing.

(LB): Do you frequent conferences like this one? If so, what tips do you have for attendees to help them get the most out of the conference?

(TW): I spend an enormous amount of time at conferences and meetings globally. I would highly recommend that attendees come to the Liaison User Conference with an open mind and that they try to think outside the box when they learn about the various products available to them. I’d also recommend that users learn ways to improve their processes to best utilize these systems rather than try to make the systems meet their current practices.

(LB): You submitted a session via our Call for Speakers and we were quite excited to accept it. Can you give readers an overview of what inspired your proposal?

(TW): My session, “Does It Make the Boat Go Faster?,” was inspired by the concept of implementation intentions used by the British rowing team in 1997 to lead their team to gold in the 2000 Summer Olympic Games. I’ve applied this concept to admissions processing and applicant development. Success, future visualization and obstacle resolution are the key takeaways from this session.

(LB): Who do you believe would get the most out of attending your session (e.g., current CAS users, people considering CAS, etc.)?

(TW): Honestly, this session can apply to anyone attending. It’s not system specific and can be used in every aspect of the applicant pipeline, applicant management, admissions processing and administration.

(LB): Anything non-conference related that you’re looking forward to while you’re visiting Boston?

(TW): The Liaison User Conference is an organic conference, so I tend to see where the conference brings me while I’m there and I stay away from pre-planning anything.