July CAS News and Notes

By Mike Margitich, Liaison’s Vice President of Centralized Application Services™ (CAS™) Products

Liaison International is committed to providing our clients with the greatest possible transparency regarding recent Centralized Application Service (CAS™) updates. With that in mind, we’ve compiled this version of our monthly “CAS News and Notes” column to let you know what projects we’ve recently completed. In this edition, you’ll find a summary of our July accomplishments.

Special Transcript Instructions for Program-Level CASs

This new feature was designed for schools that do not want students to upload or send their transcripts directly to a CAS, but which instead want students to send their transcripts directly to the school. Rather than only have three options on a CAS for transcripts — “official,” “unofficial” and “none” — schools can now also opt to include a fourth option: custom instructions about how students should send in transcripts directly to the school. This feature is available in any CAS that allows each program to define its own transcript requirements.

Allow Suppression of Specific Program-Level Questions in PDF

This enhancement was requested by schools that capture important information about applicants in the Fourth Quadrant, but do not wish to allow that information to be printed on a PDF where reviewers can see it. Examples of this are the capture of felony and other background information, or sensitive data points such as religious preference. We solved this problem by creating a question-level switch (i.e., you can turn it on and off as needed) that will prevent those questions from being able to be printed on a PDF. This will not prevent the data from being exported or viewed within WebAdMIT — it only hides the question from the PDF.

Local Status History Report

This report is essentially a full audit trail of decisions and local status moves for all applicants. This data, which is becoming increasingly important for funnel reporting, can also be extracted via API for schools doing decision analytics.

Other Improvements

In addition, we also delivered several other improvements recently, including those that enable CAS users to:

  • Execute address validation more effectively (using SmartyStreets)
  • Allow the use of re-applicant functionality for CASs using the new Extended Profile

Thanks for keeping up to date regarding the latest improvements to Liaison’s CASs — and please check this space again next month for more news on additional improvements we’re currently working on.