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Getting Data Integration Right at the University of Hartford

Four-year private nonprofit university easily integrates CAS applicant data into Slate

When the University of Hartford (UHart) decided to adopt BusinessCAS™ — the first and only Centralized Application Service (CAS) for business programs — it chose to use Liaison’s WebAdMIT admissions management solution to integrate applicant data into its existing Slate system.

Liaison’s flexible software allows you to build an integration that supports the most important class-building goals on your campus: strategically recruiting, evaluating, admitting and enrolling best-fit students.

According to Felicia Roberts, Associate Director of Graduate Admissions Operations, UHart’s goal was to automate the process of transferring application data and documents from CAS into Slate so that every program’s applications can be reviewed in the same place. The key to UHart’s successful integration was communicating early with stakeholders.

Teamwork makes the difference

“Since our focus was setting up the automation, it was helpful to meet with the integration team and walk through what we were trying to accomplish and the different available options,” she said. “As a non-technical user, it was helpful to have the Liaison folks speak directly to our IT representative for those technical conversations.”

UHart also used the adoption of BusinessCAS as an opportunity to centralize its integration processes across all CASs on campus.

“If you’re integrating multiple CASs, start with one, test it until you feel 100% comfortable and then emulate everything you did for the other CASs,” she said. “If you’re a non-technical user and plan on automating using API, get IT involved early on in the integration conversations. If you have questions during the process, Liaison’s online Help Center is thorough, and Liaison’s staff is knowledgeable and responsive.”

Regardless of your school’s needs and objectives, Liaison will support your CAS data integration initiative at every turn, using what we’ve learned over nearly three decades of working with on-campus partners to guide strategic decisions and improve enrollment outcomes.