Doing More and Doing It Better: Why Smart Student Recruitment Starts With HigherYield™

The world of higher education admissions is changing so rapidly and dramatically that many so-called “best practices” have become obsolete. For example, blindly purchasing massive lists of names in order to cast the widest net possible via generic outreach campaigns is no longer an effective way to build your classes.

It’s time for a smarter strategy. It’s time to focus on the quality of your recruiting and marketing initiatives rather than the quantity of names on your mailing list. In order to reach the right students first, while trying to address the dual challenges of declining enrollment and limited resources in your admissions office, you now need to deploy an affordable, effective communications plan that allows you to generate quality leads with a minimum of effort.

A More Focused Effort

HigherYield™, the smart student recruitment and enrollment management tool created by Liaison and the Educational Testing Service (ETS), provides that ability. It lets you deliver targeted and highly personalized communications to prospective students by more effectively utilizing GRE® Search Service and TOEFL® Search Service list purchases.

In addition, Liaison provides campaign development experts to supplement the efforts and expertise of your campus staff. By promoting stronger student response rates and larger inquiry pools, HigherYield creates a better opportunity to grow and shape enrollment.

To help explain and illustrate the benefits of HigherYield, Liaison has created a free, on-demand webinar called, “Smart Student Recruitment: Introducing HigherYield™.” In it, seasoned admissions professionals discuss how HigherYield makes it possible to:

  • Implement a simple and efficient solution that is cost-effective and scalable.
  • Plan and execute more effective outreach strategies using GRE and TOEFL name lists.
  • Create recruitment campaigns to reach a diverse and targeted pool of applicants to fulfill your program’s potential.
  • Combine search criteria to identify specific types of students you want to attract, such as those categorized by their region of study and academic performance.
  • Send students meaningful communications that are automated, targeted, trackable and can be delivered via multiple channels.

It’s time to forget about the old ways of running an admissions office. To learn more about using HigherYield to achieve your most important short- and long-term goals, watch the free webinar Smart Student Recruitment: Introducing HigherYield™.