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Does Your Grad School Now Have Greater Demands and Fewer Resources? Learn How Liaison Will Make Your Efforts More Worthwhile at the CGS Annual Meeting

If past CGS meetings are any indication, the upcoming 59th Annual Meeting of the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) (which takes place in Nashville, TN from December 4th – 7th) will feature can’t-miss sessions covering topics ranging from collaborations between higher-ed institutions and the workforce, supporting diversity, admissions best practices and the benefits of implementing centralized application services on your campus.

What you don’t know can hurt your programs

Like the rest of you peers, you undoubtedly understand that your institution can’t thrive in today’s competitive and challenging admissions environment without embracing collaboration, diversity and admissions best practices.

But did you also know that centralizing your application services is just as important — and that failing to do so could burden your programs with potentially insurmountable disadvantages?

That’s not just an interesting theory. It’s a fact that Liaison has established over the course of nearly three decades helping higher-ed institutions achieve their most important class-building goals by adopting discipline-specific versions of its Centralized Application ServiceTM (aka CASTM), including GradCASTM for graduate schools and BusinessCASTM for graduate management programs.

Everyone shares the benefits

Regardless of your school’s size, market presence or academic focus, a CAS allows everyone from students to admissions professionals to deans easily identify and accomplish their most pressing priorities.

For example…

Liaison’s CASs help institutions:

  • Manage new ways to recruit, admit and enroll best-fit students while saving money and headcount each admissions cycle.
  • Unify their admissions processes across all schools and programs for a better applicant experience.
  • Conduct trend analyses for benchmarking and forecasting purposes.

Help programs:

  • Improve the applicant experience and drive application volume through exposure to broader national and international applicant pools.
  • Streamline your application, review and acceptance process while supporting program-specific requirements, workflows and outcomes.
  • Reclaim headcount by taking advantage of optional shared services for scanning of documents and applicant technical support.

Help applicants:

  • Apply to multiple programs through a single, centralized application form and one set of supporting documentation, applicable by program selection.
  • Feel more connected to programs of interest through responsive application support, proactive communications and real-time application status updates.

Needless to say, there will be a lot for you to see, learn and do in Nashville during the upcoming CGS meeting. Just remember that in order to make your visit truly worthwhile, you need to budget a bit of time to learn how Liaison’s CAS technology and services can make your job easier and your school more successful.

We look forward to meeting you — or seeing you again — soon!

Learn more the 59th Annual Meeting of the Council of Graduate Schools here.