August CAS News and Notes

By Mike Margitich, Liaison’s Vice President of Centralized Application Services™ (CAS™) Products

Liaison International is committed to providing our clients with the greatest possible transparency regarding recent Centralized Application Service (CAS™) updates. With that in mind, we’ve compiled this version of our monthly “CAS News and Notes” column to let you know what projects we’ve recently completed. In this edition, you’ll find a summary of our August accomplishments and plans.

Recently Delivered

Manage Multiple Deadlines on the Same Program

This is the ability to have an individual program manage multiple deadlines based on applicant answers. For example, a single program can have different deadlines for international students, veterans, returning students and regular applicants. This is done based on answers to questions in the Extended Profile and in the Fourth Quadrant (Q4). If a student falls into more than one category — such as an international student who is also a returning applicant — you can decide which of those deadlines takes precedence.

Support for Next-Generation ACCUPLACER (Self-Reported)

Like all of our test providers, ACCUPLACER makes improvements to its tests and releases new versions every couple of years. This improvement will support the new next-generation ACCUPLACER test on the Applicant Portal and in WebAdMIT.

Better Keyword Searching for Organization and Program Names

In the category of small but impactful changes, we improved our Program Search tool so it now functions more like keyword searches in Google rather than searching only for exact phrases. Because of this enhancement, users can now search more effectively for programs and organizations and getter better, more relevant results.

Coming Soon

  • Improved Transcript Request Workflows
  • Better Program-Level Document Upload Configuration Options & Instructions
  • School-Level “Deep Link” for New Program Search (to focus students in a CAS on the school that provided their initial link to the CAS)
  • Manage Configurable Fees and Document Uploads on the Same Program
  • Manage Program Eligibility/Availability via Extended Profile and Q4 Rules
  • Check Status Facelift
  • Ability to Work on Application Early w/o Selecting a Program
  • Google Tag Manager Integration
  • 508 Compliance Updates for WebAdMIT and Applicant Gateway

Thanks for keeping up to date regarding the latest improvements to Liaison’s CASs — and please check this space again next month for more news on additional improvements we’re currently working on.