5 Ways to Experience EMP at the Liaison User Conference

No matter how much experience you have as a higher education professional, there is always more to learn.

The Liaison User Conference, taking place in Boston June 27 and 28, is one professional development opportunity you do not want to miss.

Of course, one of the best things about attending a conference in your field is experiencing a  “eureka effect” or having an “aha! moment” when you learn something new that will change the way you do your job. Many of last year’s attendees know that feeling well. For example, the Q&A portion of each presentation often became an open forum where industry professionals bounced new ideas off each other and inspired each other to put what they learned to good use at their own institutions.

While we want you to have a positive, fun and memorable experience at the Liaison User Conference, we also want you to keep any questions, comments or user problems in mind each time you interact with members of our Client Success, Creative Services and Marketing Technologies teams. We mean it when we say we’re here to help you build a bigger, better class.

Consider, for example, this year’s focus on helping users get the most out of EMP™, Liaison’s Enrollment Marketing Platform. Over the course of the Conference’s two days, you’ll have the opportunity to attend nearly 20 active sessions and presentations designed to make you think, learn and grow as a higher-ed admissions leader.

Keep in mind, too, that just one small change in your enrollment marketing strategy can make a big impact on the composition of your future classes. To learn more, follow these five tips at the Liaison User Conference:

1. Take advantage of our technology.

Rely on the Liaison User Conference app to ensure you don’t miss EMP sessions (or any of the other valuable higher ed-focused sessions that we have planned). Traveling with coworkers? Use the app to split up session attendance so that everyone in your group can gain unique insights and bring something different back to the office. Don’t forget to rate the sessions you attend so we know what you want to see at the 2020 Liaison User Conference as well.

2. Attend knowledge sessions.

Join our training lab where we will walk through group building in EMP. The Marketing Technology Team will review basic and advanced field filters, student-created filters, stage changes filters and group actions. We will cover advanced training, answer detailed questions and discuss best practices.

3. Discover the future of omnichannel marketing.

It’s important to make sure your marketing initiatives are relevant to you and your future students. Omnichannel marketing is not just an EMP marketing strategy — it is the future of enrollment marketing. Plan on learning about the best way to communicate with Generation Z from industry experts citing real-world examples.

4. Engage in peer-to-peer counseling.

Have you ever just wanted some one-on-one time with another admissions professional who also uses EMP? This is your chance. Members of the EMP Advisory Board —seasoned enrollment management professionals leveraging EMP as part of their overall admissions strategies — will be available to consult with others. (Registration required.)

5. Network, network, network.

Collaboration is why we come together each summer. In addition to the various sessions, panels, training events and presentations on the schedule, the Liaison User Conference also provides several networking opportunities such as a cocktail reception and lunchtime at the round tables. There are no assigned seats, so pull up a chair and turn the stranger next to you into a valuable resource for referrals and best practices.

All work and no play can get old fast, which is why we chose one of the most beautiful cities in the country to hold the conference. Have you ever been to Boston in the summer? It’s fantastic. Take in the sights and sounds of this historic location after each scheduled conference day or spend the rest of your weekend sightseeing. We suggest that you:

  • Consider a whale watching adventure out to sea or enjoy time on the beach during the hot summer days.
  • Take a trip to Fenway Park, one of the most famous sports facilities in the United States.
  • Head over to the Back Bay neighborhood, where over a dozen restaurants offer patio seating and where art galleries are plentiful.
  • Walk through history on the Freedom Trail where you can stroll around 16 sites relevant to American liberty.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding the Conference. We look forward to seeing you there.