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higher education uncertainty for the fall

Highlights from Higher Ed: Doubts about Fall, Non-traditional College Expectations and “Fragile Communities”

40% of incoming freshmen may not attend school in the fall Forty percent of incoming freshman who had planned to attend a four-year residential college this fall now say they will not do so or haven't decided yet. “Students planning to attend private institutions were Read More

Data Integration Using the CAS™ API

Since its debut at the 2019 Liaison User Conference, the CAS™ API has consistently proven its value as a secure, reliable and high performing RESTful interface for data access and integration. Designed for schools, associations and partners that use or otherwise manage a Centralized Application Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Online Graduate Education, Presidents’ Views andTuition Discounts

Even with its limitations, now is the time for online graduate education “Despite two decades of strong performance as a solid proof of concept, many traditional universities and employers have regarded online degrees with suspicion and even derision,” said Stephen Taylor, Research Director for Liaison’s Read More

Thriving Together With EngineeringCAS™: A Powerful Resource for Uncertain Times

Graduate education in general, and engineering programs in particular, face unprecedented challenges in 2020 as public health, immigration and economic factors converge in a perfect storm that clouds the outlook for recruiting, admissions and enrollment. In this on-demand Liaison User Conference session, Thriving Together With Read More

Time2Track™: A Better Way to Capture Applicant Experiences

Documenting students’ educational and workplace experiences was challenging enough even before the Coronavirus pandemic shuttered campuses, offices and field work locations. But while documenting experiences is now more important than ever, it’s also easier than ever thanks to Time2Track™, the leading software for managing experiences. Read More

Seeing the Whole Picture: How Programs are Gaining More Insights with SlideRoom™ and CAS™

Analyzing applicants beyond their test scores, grades and other traditional application components is crucial for admitting best-fit students and achieving your yield and diversity goals. In order to take a fully holistic approach to their reviewing processes, programs across disciplines use SlideRoom™ to request, collect Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: The Future of GME, “Misguided” Higher Ed and Online Learning

What will graduate management education look like after the pandemic? “Given the tumult of the past several years, it should come as no surprise that some of the most respected schools in the U.S. are discontinuing their full-time MBA (FTMBA) programs,” said Stephen Taylor, Research Read More

How to Build a CAS Data Integration Project Plan

Successful data integration involves taking application records from one system and moving them to another so that your admissions staff can do an even better job of recruiting best-fit students. During this on-demand Liaison User Conference session, How to Build a CAS Data Integration Project Read More

An Evolving View of Strategic Enrollment Management: The Graduate Perspective

What will graduate-level recruitment look like beyond Fall 2020? How are holistic admissions policies and diversity and inclusion initiatives likely to influence recruiting and admissions goals in the years ahead? How might the lessons learned during the pandemic change the way graduate programs address the Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: International Outlooks, Fall Plans and Students’ Mental Health

International students think the U.S. is the “least safe” English-speaking country Although students from abroad are eager to study in the United States, they also believe it is among the least safe English-speaking countries in which to attend college. Seventy-five percent of those who participated Read More