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Highlights from Higher Ed: Federal Relief Funds, COVID-19 and Changes to the SAT

Most private, nonprofit colleges and universities will receive no money from federal Coronavirus relief package The $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package expected to be proposed by President Joe Biden includes $35 billion earmarked for public colleges and universities as well as private institutions serving minorities Read More
operational continuity

Success without Disruption: How Liaison Helped Our Partners Overcome the Pandemic’s Game-Changing Challenges

What Operational Continuity Looks Like at Liaison At Liaison, everything we do is focused on one goal: helping our partners achieve their most important class-building priorities cycle after cycle and year after year. It’s always been that way, of course, but this year the pandemic Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: COVID-19 Transmission Trends, Counseling Center Burnout and Students with Kids

How do you say “contagious” in Greek? 91% of gatherings linked to COVID-19 cases at one school were fraternity and sorority events A new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report on the rapid spread of COVID-19 cases at an unnamed Arkansas university places much Read More
business school rankings

A New Perspective on Business School Rankings

Graduate management education (GME) rankings can be as insightful as they are frustrating Stephen Taylor is the Research Director for BusinessCAS. Find Steve’s full conversation with John Byrne, the Editor-in-Chief of Poets&Quants, in video, audio or text formats here.  Much like my opinion of 2020, Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Student Satisfaction, Declining Transfer Enrollment and Rising Business Costs for Colleges

Vast majority of students say pandemic had a negative effect on their grades A recent survey of more than 14,000 freshman, juniors and seniors at approximately 230 colleges revealed that only 5% of those students believe the pandemic had a “positive impact” on their academic Read More
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GME 101: Why Student Recruiter Titles Are So Weird

Despite the odd naming conventions, the role of the student recruiter is integral to the Graduate Management Education (GME) community Stephen Taylor is the Research Director for BusinessCAS. In this blog series, he examines what makes GME programs tick and demystifies some of the more puzzling aspects Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Final Enrollment Numbers, MBA Gender Parity and the Pandemic’s Effects on Students

Final fall numbers confirm plummeting community college enrollment The final National Student Clearinghouse Research Center report on enrollment during the pandemic revealed that “higher education lost about 400,000 students this fall.” Overall college enrollment declined by 2.5% — double the rate reported in fall 2019. Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Looming Enrollment Gaps, Post-graduation Earnings and Presidents’ Top Concerns

The soon-to-decline number of high school graduates may foreshadow a new enrollment dilemma for colleges Colleges and universities that are already struggling with lower enrollment numbers may have a bigger problem on their hands later this decade when the number of students graduating from high Read More

A Conversation with John Byrne, Editor-in-Chief of Poets&Quants

Facing the Future of GME Liaison’s BusinessCAS Research Director Stephen Taylor is hosting an ongoing series of unscripted conversations with graduate management education (GME) leaders from a variety of higher ed institutions, associations and publications. During these sessions, he and his guests discuss the latest Read More

Getting Data Integration Right at the University of Hartford

Four-year private nonprofit university easily integrates CAS applicant data into Slate When the University of Hartford (UHart) decided to adopt BusinessCAS™ — the first and only Centralized Application Service (CAS) for business programs — it chose to use Liaison’s WebAdMIT admissions management solution to integrate applicant data Read More