Friday 4 at 4: Testing, Dropping Out and Leaving a Legacy

1. Testing issues create barriers for international students International students, including U.S. citizens living overseas, are running into a unique barrier as this year’s application deadlines loom. Limited testing dates and sudden test cancellations have admissions counselors seeking alternative solutions for these students. 2. But Read More

Friday 4 at 4: Access, Trends and Diversity

1. Post-secondary programs drive access Georgia is home to seven Inclusive Post-Secondary Education programs that offer access to higher ed to students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Marietta Daily Journal has more on how Georgia colleges and universities are supporting these students. 2. The Read More

Friday 4 at 4: SAT Adjustments, Higher Grad Rates and Crunched Numbers

1. New SAT means another adjustment to admissions The latest revision to the SAT will once again change the barometer for which admissions officers base their standards. Introduced in the spring of 2016, Newsday reports the national average of this redesigned test is the highest Read More

Friday 4 at 4: Common Core, Uncertainty and Skilled Workers

1. Policies to address underrepresentation Black and Hispanic freshmen were more underrepresented at the nation’s top schools in 2015 than they were in 1980, despite affirmative action policies put in place to address this issue. This New York Times article explores what’s needed to build Read More

Friday 4 at 4: Ranking, Surveying and Educating for the Future

1. The trouble with ranking Politico reports that criteria used by U.S. News & World Report to rank colleges contributes to schools favoring wealthier students over those who are less well off. The result? According to Brit Kirwan, former chancellor of the University of Maryland Read More

Friday 4 at 4: Defining Diversity, Getting Clarity and Going Online

1. Diversity is more than just SES and race This week, Wellesley College welcomed the first transgender students it has accepted in its 147-year history. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education offers insight into how this and other colleges are recognizing and responding to an expanding Read More

CCBC Takes a 3 Step Approach to Driving Student Success

Applicants’, students’ and graduates’ needs drive the Community College of Baltimore County’s services “It’s not that ‘non-traditional’ has a negative connotation for us. The term just doesn’t apply because we’re not of the same tradition,” shared Ebony Thomas-Butler, admissions coordinator at the Community College of Read More

Friday 4 at 4: Underrepresentation, Legacy Admission and Rejection

1. Still underrepresented after all these years Many are concerned about affirmative action, because they worry that a singular focus on increasing applicants from one background decreases the representation of those from all other groups. But is this the reality? According to The NY Times, Read More

The Role of Race in Admissions Policies: More Questions Than Answers?

The role affirmative action may be able to play in future university admissions policies is back in the news, and the unanswered questions about strategies for ensuring diversity on campus are likely to have significant implications for applicants and admissions professionals alike. Although the U.S. Read More

APPIC’s Ten Year Partnership with Liaison Inspired by Tech Company’s People

Ten years ago this year, the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) began a partnership with Liaison International that it continues to expand upon to this day. On paper, the partnership began in 2007, but in reality APPIC’s relationship with Liaison began even Read More