Highlights from Higher Ed: Calling Campaigns and Transfer Students

$3.74 million That’s the tuition revenue that Mesa Community College brought in through its calling campaign. The campaign was targeted at students who had applied but hadn't completed the application process and students who had attended "a semester or two ago" but hadn't enrolled again. Read More

Engineering Faces a Diversity Issue. EngineeringCAS™ Can Help.

Whether you're perusing U.S. News & World Report, exploring or catching up on Scientific American, you're bound to see coverage of the concerning lack of diversity in engineering and the sciences. Take, for instance, the fact that 4,000 African American engineers graduate annually with Read More

3 Ways to Learn More About BusinessCAS™ at GMAC

Every year in June, graduate management education administrators gather for the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) Annual Conference. The Conference's three days of programming focuses on current issues, the latest marketplace trends, research data and best practices, and offers ample opportunities for GME professionals to Read More

5 Must-Attend 2018 Liaison User Conference Sessions

Since July 26 will be here before we know it, now is the time to start planning your schedule for the 2018 Liaison User Conference. This 2-day event's 60+ sessions will help you get the most out of the Liaison admissions and enrollment marketing solutions that Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Standardized Test Scores and the Death of Higher Ed

23% That’s the percentage of international students who will be attending Franklin & Marshall College this fall, even though international enrollment dropped by 7% last year across the US. The college attributes some of this success to their decision to send a faculty member to Read More

Del Mar College Builds Bridges to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Del Mar’s challenge: Removing barriers to advance nursing education Del Mar College, a community college in Corpus Christi, Texas offering both vocational certificates and associate degrees in nursing, is working hard to boost the supply of qualified nurses trained and ready to enter the workforce. The school Read More

University of Miami Business School Director of Admissions Covers the Role of Technology in Admissions

Liaison International’s Bob Alig recently spoke with Loubna Bouamane, Ph.D. director of admissions for graduate business programs at the University of Miami, about how her school incorporates technology into the recruiting process — and why the University of Miami has found technology and creativity vital Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Guaranteed Admission and Visa Limits

$20,780 That’s the lowest tuition price offered at Fairmont Private School in Orange County, CA, an institution that now guarantees its graduates will be accepted to and receive scholarships for tuition at the Top 100 U.S. colleges or universities. The school’s “Fairmont College Promise” also Read More

Associations Offer Students Valuable Insight on Career Options

Choosing a career: many students say it’s the most difficult decision they’ve faced thus far on their academic journeys. The choice can be especially daunting for students considering options that demand advanced degrees and ongoing education, such as many careers in the health professions. Complicating Read More

Highlights from Higher Ed: Underemployment and Out-of-state Apps

40% That’s how many college graduates end up “underemployed” — that is, in a position that does not require a degree, in their first job out of college. According to this new study, two-thirds of these graduates will still be underemployed five years later, and Read More