Become a Super User at the 2021 Virtual Liaison User Conference

David Art
Jul 15, 2021

Experience “the Power of Community” for two days — and enjoy the enrollment benefits cycle after cycle

The 2021 Virtual Liaison User Conference (July 15th-16th) features a wide variety of events for higher ed admissions, marketing and leadership professionals that fall into three broad categories: trainings, one-on-one support opportunities and visionary keynote speakers.

This post — the first in a series highlighting the Conference — provides an overview of the online training options that await you.

Training sessions include (but aren’t limited to):

“Using TargetX Tools for Virtual Event Management”

Learn how a CRM can support your virtual engagement efforts. In this session, we’ll cover best practices for inquiry cards, managing virtual visits and appointments, automating communication initiatives and leveraging new ways to solicit feedback.

“How to Maximize Your Workflow with EMP”

Learn the tips and tricks to optimize your workflow with EMP. In this session, we’ll show you how to use Labels, To-Do’s, Triggered To-Do’s, and Goal settings to create organization, consistency and transparency in your process. If you want to increase efficiency and/or organization within EMP, manage a team of EMP users or need to create a visual dashboard, this session is for you!

“Working with WebAdMIT’s Data Extraction Tools”

The Report Manager and the Export Manager are two of WebAdMIT’s most powerful features. In this session, we’ll take a closer look at these data extraction tools as well as a few Microsoft Excel tips and tricks to help you manipulate the data once it’s out of WebAdMIT.

“New Year, New You: Creating Robust Onboarding with TargetX Tools”

In this session, we’ll explore strategies to support onboarding your new team members and re-engaging with your veterans (both virtually and in-person). In addition, we’ll review resources from TargetX designed to help you be self-sustaining and — most importantly — we’ll discuss how to make sure you’re maximizing what we have to offer.

The 2021 Virtual Liaison User Conference will unite the community of admissions, marketing, technology and education professionals dedicated to enhancing the recruitment and enrollment of higher education students across the country and around the world. It’s your once-a-year chance to connect with colleagues facing similar challenges, celebrate similar successes and gain inspiration from higher education leaders — so register now!

David Art

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