Highlights from Higher Ed: Getting “Accepted,” Staying Ahead and Driving Comfort with Change

Aug 25, 2017

1. Sometimes “accepted” doesn’t really mean accepted

Admission rescinding is relatively rare, but it does happen and for many different reasons, from the questionable behavior that caused Harvard to take back admission offers earlier this year to over enrollment that recently caused a stir at the University of California, Irvine. What’s surprising is that many schools are pretty clear on their policies around pending acceptances, says this NBC News article.  

2. Can’t we all just stay the same?

The struggle against the siren’s call of the status quo is real. In fact, anywhere from 50-75 percent of organizational change efforts fail. Why? This Harvard Business Review article makes the case for a lack of focus on the resistors as a key issue.

3. Enrollment trends highlight room for application improvement

College enrollment is sliding nationally, reports Inside Higher Ed. Most notably, more and more older undergraduates are not enrolling at for-profit institutions or community colleges. How can we address this? A streamlined application process for transfers might help.

4. We have the technology…

Commonly heard in business circles, the word “obsolescence” is making a comeback in 2017, reports Campus Technology. The most disturbing part? “It’s no longer the technology that’s becoming obsolete too quickly; it’s the knowledge of technology that’s rapidly falling behind advances or changes in technologies.” This lack of knowledge is just one of six major barriers to technology adoption in higher ed.

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